Are You Adding to the Noise, or Rising Above It?

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What’s the most overwhelming sound you can think of?

Maybe it’s the sound of your daughter’s fourth birthday party. Or 30 different instruments warming up before band practice.

That’s what it sounds like in the world of B2B content marketing. There’s a lot of noise, and the majority is not pitch perfect. 

B2B companies have caught on. Content marketing engages target buyers and, when delivered effectively, moves these buyers toward purchase faster.

But the key isn’t to jump in and start producing more content. The key is to produce better content…and efficiently. Because sub-par content that is neither timely nor relevant simply gets lost. It becomes a single note amongst the noise, indistinguishable from the overwhelming sound forcing buyers to close their ears and ignore the message.

Check out the first section of our newest infographic to see just how much competing noise organizations are creating:

In the analyst report, Crossing the Chaos: Managing Content Marketing Transformation, Aberdeen reports that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. 91%! While this shows content marketing is an accepted and widely adopted practice, you can bet that many of these marketers are pushing to produce enough content without the proper processes in place, leading to out-of-tune and inconsistent messaging.

And even though marketers value quality content, many feel unequipped to produce it at scale. When you consider how many channels marketers are responsible for filling with fresh content, it’s not surprising they’re feeling in over their heads and frantic to publish, publish, publish.

Large companies, on average, have approximately 39 Twitter accounts. They have close to 32 separate blogs. And it doesn’t get much better with Facebook (30 accounts per company) or LinkedIn (29 accounts per company).

But all this noise creates a splendid opportunity for B2B marketers.

Establish processes for content marketing production and distribution to become more efficient. Focus on quality, original content targeted to specific buyers to deliver better results with fewer content assets. Make the decision to rise above the content chaos, in your organization and the marketplace.

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