Email Marketing Quick Tips: Focus on Calls-to-Action

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Email marketing is a crucial element of the modern marketing mix—especially when it comes to nurturing leads, moving them toward purchase and, ultimately, advocacy. But the inbox is a difficult place to get attention.

71% of B2B marketers think email marketing is critical or very effective. Assuming these marketers are using email for their own marketing initiatives, that adds up to a lot of competition. And your buyers are getting picky with what and how they engage with email.

So how can you inspire your buyers to engage? Here are 5 quick tips for perfecting the call-to-action (CTA) in your upcoming email campaigns.

1. Pick One CTA

71% of B2B marketers think email marketing is critical or very effective.

Unless you’re sending a roundup or digest that someone has opted-in to receive, keep the links to a minimum. Too many competing calls-to-action can dilute your message. And when you’re trying to capitalize on mere seconds of attention, your message needs to be easily consumed.

Pick one CTA. You can mention it more than once, for example, by linking within the text and also including a button linking to the same destination, but consistency and simplicity are your friends here.

2. Make Them Clear and Actionable

Tell readers exactly what you want them to do and why they should do it. Unless you make the case—and make it fast—the recipient isn’t going to act.

Of course, the entire email should be well-written, but clear calls-to-action are your best opportunity to drive the desired response and gauge interest. Link to phrases with active verbs, such as “Get this report today.”

3. Align Them with a Goal

Why are you sending this email in the first place? Once your customers, subscribers, or leads receive this email, what do you want from them? Define the goal of each email, and ensure the CTA is aligned with that goal.

For example, why would you ask them to subscribe to your blog if you want them to watch a testimonial video? Those two calls-to-action are appropriate for buyers at different stages of the funnel. Know who you’re sending your emails to and what you want this email to accomplish.

4. Include a CTA in the First Paragraph

You probably receive marketing emails as well as send them, so you don’t need me to tell you that people don’t always read the whole thing. Even if they open your email, they might skim the first paragraph, glimpse at images, headlines, and buttons, then carry on with their day.

Take advantage of every second of attention you get by drawing your readers to an immediate, clear CTA.

5. Try Something New

If you want to succeed, don’t get comfortable with the same old marketing tactics, and that includes calls-to-action. Sure, some are tried and true. But people appreciate the novel. Don’t be afraid to test something a little different.

But whatever you choose, start off strong with a CTA at the start of the email. Whether it’s in the first paragraph, or you have a button above the endearments. Use strong, active language to capture their attention.

Every email is an opportunity to engage with your buyers.  It’s time to take advantage of them.

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