Who Is the Future Marketer?

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Companies invest a lot of time and money on the latest tools, trends and analytics to prepare for the future of marketing technology.

But who is the future marketer?

This post examines where marketing roles are headed, what blend of skills future marketers need to contribute, and how they can manage the maze of emerging technology to support the growing customer-driven marketing model.

A New Kind of Marketer

Customer-centric marketing is clearly the next frontier, but it takes more than switching up tactics to help a company connect with true buyer needs—it takes a shift in mindset.

Many B2B companies are just starting to pivot their tactics to prioritize the customer, instead of the channels and tactics, within their marketing model. But a lot of this pivoting is still in the planning stage, not the execution stage.

According to research firm SiriusDecisions, “83% of B2B marketers say creating buyer-centric marketing is a priority, only 23% claim to be advanced in it’s implementation.” Tweet This!

To establish customer-centric brand experiences, marketers must understand how to leverage technology correctly to support their internal processes and workflows. Specifically, they must know how to to use different cloud-based technologies to enable a smooth, clear execution of marketing campaigns.

Enter the Future Marketer, Otherwise Known as “The Unicorn”

Mayur Gupta calls the future marketer “The Unicorn.” This person is technically-driven as well as creatively-driven and can flow between the two disciplines with ease.

“The Unicorn is a modern marketer who is a technologist. But she is also a storyteller, she is also a creative, she is also a copywriter.”

The role of a marketing technologist is still emerging, but it’s defined as a person who is familiar with marketing techniques and technologies and who understands how to use technology to define markets, attract, acquire, and retain customers.

In essence, the future marketer is a person who clearly sees the role of technology in marketing and how to create a great, consistent customer experience and how to build a targeted marketing campaign supported by content that facilitates that experience.

the future marketer

A Peek into the Anatomy of a Unicorn

To jump between the world of technology and creative thinking requires a blend of right (creative) and left (analytical) brain-skills. The Unicorn can easily prance between the two:

Technology and Data-Driven Skill Set

  • A Marketing Technologist
  • Data-Driven
  • Analytical
  • Software Savvy
  • Business Oriented

Creative Skill Set

  • Creative
  • Storyteller
  • Design-oriented
  • Empathetic
  • Consumer-Driven

A true unicorn can blend these skills effectively in their daily work with ease.

How “The Unicorn” Brings It All Together

Marketing “unicorns” can cut across marketing silos internally and externally. They can blend creative and logical thinking. They can create a clear map from web analytics to final purchase.

This blend of creative and analytical sensibilities will enhance your company’s ability to serve your customers, and effectively predict what they want and need.

So, are you the unicorn?

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