How AppDynamics Uses Kapost to Empower Their Sales Teams [ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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Want marketing content that hits home with customers and creates qualified leads? Start by focusing on the efficiency of your internal content sharing process.

When you empower sales teams with a way to easily find content, leverage it at key points in the sales cycle, and close the sales loop quickly, you have a happy and profitable sales department. You also build a more refined content library filled with turnkey content that converts.

In fact, that’s exactly what Kevin Goldberg, Senior Content Marketing Manager at AppDynamics, was able to do when he used the Kapost platform to transform his content quagmire into legitimate, measurable results.

Oh, and he was able to get his sales and marketing teams to like each other, too.

In the webinar How to Enable Sales and Share Content Internally, Jesse Noyes, Vice President of Product and Content at Kapost, and Kevin discuss how reshaping the internal content sharing process has transformed AppsDynamics’ day-to-day operations and had a positive impact on their bottom line.

AppsDynamics Was Struggling with Three Key Pain Points:


  1. Where do I find content?
  2. What content should I use?
  3. What’s working?

Their sales team had no clear, quick, or easy way to find what they needed to help build and support the pipeline. This led to their sales team often requesting content that already existed, but was hidden away in the archives. There was also a lack of transparency and various other communication obstacles due to ineffective internal content sharing.

AppsDynamics needed a way to make content accessible, relevant, and trackable to empower sales teams and remove the frustration of content chaos—for everyone.

They also required a simple process to assess the value of key content pieces based on specific customer pain points, needs, and desires along the buyer’s journey.

Learn How AppsDynamics:

  • Leveraged the intuitive Kapost interface to fit their workflow
  • Created a central content repository that virtually eliminated redundant content requests
  • Uses the power of filters, and why every internal content sharing systems needs them
  • Tracks meaningful data internally to improve sales tools and marketing materials
  • Fostered and improved collaboration and buy-in from internal content stakeholders
  • Significantly improved the sharing of content internally
  • Bolstered communication between teams

In addition, this webinar will offer insights on how to organize your own content more effectively and revolutionize your business’ internal content management system.

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