Joe Chernov on Generating Demand With Content Marketing (and More) VIDEO

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Joe Chernov headshot_Content Marketeer Those in the trenches of content marketing know the name Joe Chernov. The vice president of content marketing for Eloqua—a prominent marketing automation software company—is arguably one of the most influential voices in the field today, and for good reason. Chernov has propelled Eloqua’s content to “must-read” status for marketers, with a team of editors and contributors truly focused on quality, not just paying lip service to it.

I spoke with Chernov, one of our Marketers to Watch in 2012, at the Online Marketing Summit earlier this month, where he delivered an exceptional keynote presentation called From Content to Customer—How to Generate Demand With Content Marketing, which recently became available on SlideShare. (Download it now. It’s that great.)

In this interview, Chernov expands on a few points from that presentation, as well as when and how marketing automation and content marketing work best together, the art of creating content at the “prospect” stage, and more.

Bonus: If you’re headed to SXSW, be sure to catch Chernov on the State of Social Marketing panel March 11.

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