How Kapost and Your CMS Support Multi-Channel Distribution [VIDEO]

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Upland Admin

There’s a lot of confusion around marketing technology today, and how different tools works together to help marketers meet their goals. This confusion, well, it’s not too surprising…

Scott Brinker included a staggering 1,876 companies in his 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape, up from 947 in 2014. And a little bird tells me that 2016 might be even more astounding.

These tools are meant to help marketers engage and convert buyers more effectively. But, managing consistent messaging across tech and channels can be a nightmare.

Enter Kapost.

A key aspect to reaching the right people at the right time–particularly in the Age of the Customer–is fueling the many digital channels where our buyers consume information. And to fuel these channels, marketers need content. In fact, two-thirds of B2B marketers say content is fuel across all channels, including events, social, CMS, and marketing automation.

Kapost works in conjunction with your CMS (vendors like Drupal, WordPress, or Tumblr) to support a multi-channel distribution strategy, optimizing the tools you’re already using.

Check out this short video from Kapost CEO, Toby Murdock, and hear why these two crucial marketing technologies support your marketing goals.

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