30 Marketing Technology Experts to Watch #MarTech

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The intersection of marketing and technology has opened up a pandora’s box of possibilities. From tracking and understanding buyer behavior to attributing marketing activities to real revenue dollars, marketers have come a long way from being the cost-centers they were long considered to be.

As marketing organizations continue to earn more budget, they dream of building the perfect tech stack; a bold and beautiful vision where every activity is accurately tracked and measured, giving businesses invaluable insight into their buyer’s preferences—and a major competitive advantage over organizations that are slower to adapt.

But as many of us know, there is no silver bullet when it comes to marketing technology. There’s an endless list of options, learning curves, integration issues, and dire need for people with diverse skill sets to navigate and leverage the murky marketing technology landscape.

Enter the marketing technologist.

Half scientist, half artist, marketing technologists are the change agents of marketing. Fluent in both marketing and technology speak, they’re the champions of innovation and technology, digging deep to build a cross-functional infrastructure, enabling organizations to deliver and measure a consistent, best-in-class customer experience—one of biggest challenges marketers face.

And as thousands of marketing and technology professionals arrive in San Francisco today for MarTech 2016 to transcend the boundaries between marketing and IT, we want to call out a few of the best marketing tech professionals to watch.

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These marketing- and tech-savvy individuals are paving the way for innovation in marketing. From growth hackers to data scientists to digital strategists, these 30 individuals are blending the space between marketing and IT, and making data-backed strategies and tactics a reality across entire organizations.

Monique Bonner, Global Marketing VP for Digital, Technology and Innovation, Dell

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Jaemi Bremner, Marketing Technology and Capability, Intuit

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Chelsea Cordova, Global Marketing Campaigns Sr. Specialist, Epicor Software 

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Sophia Dao, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, LinkedIn

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Dave Decker, Dir, Business Operations, ReturnPath

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Mary Dickson, Marketing Operations Specialist, HighJump

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Stephanie Dobyns, Marketing Operations, Dynamic Signal

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Angela Earl, Marketing Operations and Demand Gen, Babcock Jenkins

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Charles Eichenbaum, Director of Marketing Technologies and Operations, Microsoft

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Micah Fisher-Kirshner, Sr. SEO Manager, Zendesk

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Brian Hansford, Dir. Client Services and Marketing Technology, Heinz Marketing

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Manu Kaushik, Sr. Dir. Marketing Operations, Riverbed Technology

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Jenny Kimbley, Marketing Operations Manager, Optiv 

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Bala Kudaravalli, Dir. Marketing Technologies, Salesforce 

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Stephen Macatuno, Dir. Marketing Operations, Cvent

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Alexis May, Dir. Sales and Marketing Operations, Webroot

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Todd McMurtrey, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Medtronic

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Chandar Pattabhiram, Group VP of Product and Corporate Marketing, Marketo

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Christopher Penn, VP, Marketing Technology, Shift Communications

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Jennifer Pockell Dimas, VP, Integrated Marketing and Business Operations, Plex 

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Joseph Puthussery, VP, Digital Marketing and Operations, Cisco

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Daniel Randa, Marketing Operations, SolidFire

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Brad Rinklin, CMO, Akamai

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Beki Scarbrough, VP, Integrated Marketing, CA Technologies

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Michael Shearer, Dir. Marketing Operations, SelectHub

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Troy Steen, Sr. Manager, Global eCommerce, Analytics, & Optimization, Dell

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Michael Vannier, Sr. Dir. Global Marketing Operations, Medtronic

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Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist, CCP Global

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Isaac Wyatt, Dir. Marketing Operations, New Relic

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