Monetate’s Rob Yoegel on Thinking Beyond a Traditional Publisher (VIDEO)

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Upland Admin

Rob Yoegel of Monetate_For The Content Marketeer “Think like a publisher.”

It’s a common directive for brands as they begin to practice content marketing. Publishing veteran turned content marketing director Rob Yoegel, of Monetate, thinks differently. He believes that to truly succeed in content marketing, you can’t simply think like a publisher; rather, you need to act like a publisher and subsequently push the traditional publisher boundaries to do more.

We spoke with Yoegel at the recent Inbound Marketing Summit in New York City about Monetate’s content marketing operation. (Disclosure: Monetate is a customer of Kapost.)

In this interview, he explains the types of content the Monetate team is creating, including white papers, blog posts, infographics, and Monetate’s Monday Minute video series; his publishing experience and how it has equipped him to lead a successful content marketing operation; and how Monetate employs personas in its strategy.

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