New Feature: Organizations

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Upland Admin

Our latest feature, Organizationsallows companies to separate different divisions, business units, or clients into their own Kapost instances. These instances then fall under the supervision of a “Parent” instance. This feature allows enterprise marketing teams or agencies to manage business units or clients marketing efforts from one central Kapost instance without reducing the capabilities of each “Child” instance.

Parent instances can view content within their Child instances as a whole (all pieces of content across all instances) or filter by a specific instance:

Memberships within Organizations are still titled Admin, Contributor, and Editor, however, they are now further differentiated between Parent and Child instances. Members within the Parent instance can see all Child instances or only certain Child instances that they are assigned to. Similarly, Members with Child instances can view only the content within the instance or instances they are assigned to.

Here are two examples of how the Organizations feature can be used:

  • A large, potentially global, business separates each business unit or region into Child instances with corporate as the Parent instance
  • An agency manages several clients from their Parent instance allowing each client full functionality through their Child instances

As with the majority of Kapost’s features, the Organizations feature is very flexible and can be tailored to specific company structures and use cases. Please let us know if you have any questions about this feature.

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