The Day Content Marketing Software Arrived

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Content Marketing Has ArrivedFor years at Kapost we have been championing the cause of content marketing. Through our blog posts, eBooks, events and conversations with customers, we have been explaining how marketers must earn their buyer’s attention by creating compelling content more about their buyer’s interests (and less about their own products). We’ve also upheld the vision that in order to succeed in content, marketers must build a content operation that is managed through software created specifically for that challenge.

We have made great progress with that vision and are very proud to serve a roster of many of the world’s leading marketers. Nevertheless only a small fraction of the market has adopted content marketing software. It has not become an official software category nor a “must-have” as marketing automation has become for marketing departments.

But all of that changes today.

Oracle announced today their acquisition of Compendium, a provider of content marketing software. And when Oracle, the world’s #3 software provider, makes an acquisition in a segment, it is a clear sign that the need is clear and growing for that segment. Such a move makes a sector sit up and take notice.

So no longer is content marketing software a vision for a segment that might be. Today the content marketing software category has officially arrived. 

The opportunity, after all, is huge. Looking at the number of mid to large size business in the U.S. alone (103,000, according to the Census Bureau), and the average amount a company will spend on content creation a year ($1.3 million, according to Gartner). If even just 3% of that budget is allocated to content marketing software, then the market opportunity is north of $4 billion annually. Those are numbers no software enterprise can ignore.

Kapost is the vendor that has pioneered and led this segment from the beginning. As that leader we welcome Oracle to the party. It is a party that includes other software vendors in related sectors like Marketo, / ExactTarget, and Adobe, as the robust integrations afforded by open cloud platforms together create powerful value for customers.

Content marketing and content marketing software have come a long way in the last few years as we’ve championed the cause. As we cross this tipping point today, we at Kapost look forward to continuing to provide the leading content marketing software solution for more and more customers, leading to greater success for marketing departments around the world.


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