How to Not Come Across Like a Marketing Creep

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Upland Admin

There are a lot of bad dates out there but, in my opinion, the Over Eager type is the creepiest.

They won’t stop calling, texting, emailing, stalking on Facebook and LinkedIn, and pushing the relationship forward at warp speeds. All they see is the destination (marriage), and have little patience for the journey (getting to know someone).

The sad truth is that this pushy, intrusive behavior happens in marketing all the time. Instead of giving a buyer the space they need to learn a little more about a company, they’re badgered with messaging the second they enter a database. These are emails, phone calls and messages asking, pleading, pushing them to make a commitment to a product or solution now. 

If marketers seem desperate and unprofessional, and we lose the right to contact buyers. All it takes is a little click and they’re unsubscribed from all emails. And do you think they’ll pick up the phone? Good luck.

To avoid pissing off your buyers and sending them running into the open arms of your competition, practice these three steps to building successful buyer relationships:

1. Get to know them.

Long-term means long-term. Sure, there are certain characteristics that typically make someone an ideal buyer for your products or services (company size, title, annual revenue), and you can find those out the second they enter your database. But what challenges do they face? How do they define success, and how can you help them get there?

These are questions you can answer only after getting to know them better and paying attention to their interactions with your content. By understanding their needs and helping them be successful, they’ll grow to trust your brand.

2. Think about the next date, not marriage.

Concentrate on getting the buyer to take the next logical step rather than irrational leap. If they follow you on Twitter, they’re looking for updates on their industry or profession, not a demo. But if they start a free trial, they’re ready to hear about they can be successful with your solution. Pay attention to what your buyers are telling you, and build appropriate responses into your marketing strategy.

3. Prepare.

There’s nothing more frustrating then unmet expectations. If you promise to offer insights into a certain topic, deliver on that promise. Don’t take advantage of their attention by baiting them with education and switching to a pitch. If you push your buyers to take the next step by promising them that your solution is perfect for their industry, have a case study or testimonial to back it up.

By preparing the content your buyers need and want as they move toward a committed relationship, you’ll come across as a company that’s prepared, professional and listens.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You should be excited about a new relationship. But use the three tips above to embrace the journey. Use it as an opportunity to foster trust and build a committed, longterm relationship between your buyers and brand.

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