Tackling 3 Common Lead Gen Challenges with Content Marketing

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Problem Solving for the Content Marketeer

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Content marketing is top of mind for marketers right now. 2013 trend reports and surveys show more of the marketing budget is being allocated toward content for lead generation, and even though content is increasingly seen as the core of successful marketing campaigns, marketers still struggle to build a sustainable strategy. As Demand Gen Report data shows, the biggest obstacles to optimizing demand generation efforts are insufficient staff, insufficient content, and a lack of processes.

These challenges are closely related. Without repeatable processes in place, you can’t organize your team or effectively plan content production and distribution. Without the right team, made up of both internal and external resources, it’s impossible to create the volume of content you need. And without the content, there’s nothing to distribute via the platforms and channels crucial to lead gen such as your blog, website, social media and marketing automation.

In a recent webinar hosted by Demand Gen Report, Dave Lewis, Founder & CEO of DemandGen, Jesse Noyes, Managing Editor of Eloqua, and Toby Murdock, CEO of Kapost outlined how to best address these issues through the development and implementation of a sustainable content marketing strategy.

Find out how to tackle these issues within your own organization by downloading the full webinar recording, or watching the slides below. The webinar walks through key questions that, when answered, will provide the foundation for your strategy, building and organizing a team, important processes for producing valuable content at volume, and driving lead generation at the top, middle, and bottom of the purchase funnel.

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