The Plan: Identifying the Sweet Spot

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As marketers entering into content marketing, you might be asking yourself: What am I going to write about? How am I going to organize our content marketing operation? These two question fall into the planning stage of building and operating your content marketing machine.
Last week, Kapost CEO, Toby Murdock, and Marketo’s Jason Miller, discussed each of the the seven stages of building and operating your content marketing machine. The big takeaway for this stage of the content marketing machine is to find your sweetspot. The sweet spot that Toby shares below, is the best practice to identify the topics which you and your team should go after when producing content. This “spot” is the intersection between your customers’ interests and your unique expertise as an organization.

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In the meantime, listen to the 3:50 clip below discussing the organizing structure you should use to run your content marketing operation.


What is your biggest challenge in the Plan stage? Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

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