The Week in Content Marketing: Benchmarking, Technical CMOs, PR, And More

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How To Get Started With Benchmarking For Content Marketing:

Detailing the priorities for business leaders to begin benchmarking and dividing benchmarking into two levels, quantitative and qualitative. Via Content Marketing Institute

Technical Expertise More Important Than Agency Experience For CMOs: Reviewing marketing industry research report to unleash the top important skills for CMOs in our data-driven, techie world. Via Chief Marketing Technologist

The Key To Content Marketing Success- Be Shareworthy: Clarifying the meaning of shareworthy content and how to refine your content marketing strategy to ensure all your content is of shareworthy quality. Via Forbes

PR: What’s Content Got To Do With It?: Comparing PR and content marketing and how they feed off and compliment each other. Via PR In Your Pajamas

Photo credit: PRWeb

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