The Week in Content Marketing: Keeping the Pace, CM Anatomy, Brandscaping, and More

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Is Your Content Marketing Keeping Pace with Buyers:

Predicts that your buyers’ content consumption abilities will double every year and thus urges your organization to keep up with content generation and keep your buyers’ interests. Via Sales Benchmark Index

The Anatomy of Content Marketing: Offers an anatomy lesson detailing each part of the body and its role in content marketing. Via Unbounce

Infographic by Content Plus

Brandscaping as a Content Marketing Strategy: Compares content marketing to Doritos and discussing how companies team up with bloggers in their niche to create a mutual beneficial relationship. Via Blue Corona

The Art of Content Repurposing For Inbound Marketing Sustainability: Acknowledges the common challenge of consistently blogging but shares how to repurpose this content with CTAs and connections to other blog posts. Via Weidert Group

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