This Week in Content Marketing: From Creative Hell to Authenticity & Unboring Content

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This Friday, in case you haven’t digested a healthy dose of fantastic content for the week, I’ve compiled three of my favorite content marketing articles from three of my favorite content marketing resources. They rarely disappoint–and this week was no exception. Enjoy!

Oh, hey ideas, you can come out now! Photo credit: Zach Klein

Creative hell. Yep, I’ve been there. This week in fact. Need directions to this forlorn and horrid land? Well, everyone is a little different but for me, this week’s journey started in a windowless room on a Monday morning, sans caffeine, while trying to come up with a cool schematic explaining a complex concept beautifully and simply. That’s when I arrived in creative hell. Your path is probably different, but every content creator and idea generator gets there at some point. Luckily, Ian Humphreys wrote an awesome post that will help you escape. I highly recommend bookmarking this for the next time you take a trip into this desolate, idealess place. Via Content Marketing Institute

On Tuesday, Barry Feldman dropped some serious content wisdom on the Vertical Measures blog. The moment I read his post, that little bookmark star shone yellow in my browser. The post is all about creating unboring content. Even his fake-word choice says something about his approach, which is to ditch the jargon, be yourself, write for the right audience at the right time, and…well, I’ll let you read the rest (and I hope you do, because it’s a worthy use of your time). Via Vertical Measures

On the KISSmetrics blog this week, I caught an article on the power of authenticity in business–and loved it. I love it because it’s well-written and thoughtful, is actionable, and mirrors quite a few conversations I’ve had with marketers lately. Here’s a glimpse into the post: “You might think that by its very nature marketing isn’t authentic, but in the digital age where people are increasingly savvy that preconception is being forced to change.” You may think you’ve read a million posts like this before, but this one is refreshingly…well…genuine. The point? As people become more and more (and more and more) digitally savvy, it’s ridiculous to think digital marketers will be able to “fool” them. You can either embrace this fact or ignore it, but you can probably guess which decision is the best option for your business. Via KISSmetrics

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

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