The Week in Content Marketing: Conundrums, Going Viral, Buyer Personas & More

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Rounding up the best tips, tricks, and ideas in content marketing. Share your favorite sources with us in the comments or via email

Create a Buyer Persona-Based Content Marketing Strategy: Content drives lead generation and moves prospects through the funnel. Create content around your buyers–their needs, challenges and the topics they care about–and your content will become a key avenue for lead gen.  Via Sales Benchmark Index

Photo Credit: Colin_K on Flickr

Photo Credit: Colin_K via Flickr

Solving the Content Creation Conundrum: Marketers get it. They need to create compelling and digestible content, and more of it. They’re allocating more of the budget toward content marketing, yet still face issues with production and measurement. Via AdAge

6 Essential Questions & Answers About Content Marketing for 2013: What is content marketing, and what is it not? How has the value of content changed? These and other key questions answered with expert insight, great for all content marketers to revisit. Via TopRank

Viral Content Marketing Tips for Non-Viral Businesses: Loved this article, and it includes fantastic tips on creating shareable content. Our favorite tip? Write 25 headlines before you choose one. Is it a good use of time? We’re willing to try… Via Business2Community

Content Marketing and E-Commerce Tops Digital Marketers Priority List for 2013: An interesting perspective on a survey conducted by Econsultancy around marketers’ digital priorities in 2013. Content marketing tops the list. Via Social Media Today

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