You Have a Strategy…Now What? Content Marketing Advice from Companies Doing It Right

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Process for the Content MarketeerMarketing organizations are facing a predicament. It’s been documented in surveys and studies, eBooks and white papers, events and articles. Content is important. It always has been, but more than ever, marketers are learning how to leverage content across paid, earned, and owned media to drive of traffic, leads, and revenue.

But content can be a heavy load to carry, especially in global and enterprise-level organizations.

Marketing teams are doing their best to produce as much content as fast as they can, but slow-moving approval processes and lack of internal communication take their toll. Multiple departments are creating similar pieces of content, which leads to both redundancy and inconsistency. There’s no process in place for gathering content ideas and empowering internal experts. Content strategies live (and die) in PowerPoint presentations shown once, referred to occasionally, then forgotten.

Well, one of the best ways to learn is to observe and to listen.

With that in mind, check out the two videos below to learn how Intel and Cengage Learning have implemented content marketing in their organizations. These are two unique content stories. One tells of global social strategy and content tailored to different audiences around the world. The other speaks to re-organizing for consistency and efficiency, and creating a culture of content. Both represent the importance of process, inter-department communication, and content that speaks to the needs and challenges of a target audience.

Jennifer Lashua, Global Social Media Strategist, on Social Media @ Intel

Talia Wise, Director of Marketing Programs, on How Content Drives Success at Cengage Learning

What’s your content marketing story? We’re always on the lookout for organizations leading the way in compelling, effective content marketing. If you’re interested in sharing your experiences on the Content Marketeer, email me at

Both of these videos were filmed during Content Marketing Bootcamp in San Francisco in February. Kapost is hosting another free content marketing event June 6 in Boston, and there’s still time to register

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