You Need an Editorial Board

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People were a lot more forgiving when the web was a new thing.

Now, with the information overload that’s out there, if your content gets stale, out-of-date, super salesy, or irrelevant, you’ll lose customers—and you may never get them back.

Which is why so many of the top content marketers spend a lot of time and energy making sure their content stays fresh and useful long after they hit the publish button.

How are some of the top content producers doing it?

Two words: Editorial Board.

What is an Editorial Board?

Glad you asked. An Editorial Board is a solution to a pretty major set of content problems. As we say in our latest eBook:

“In many organizations, one of the biggest obstacles to a streamlined process is siloed departments developing their own mini-operations for content production. Each team—specifically social media, web, marketing operations or demand generation, sales, and customer success—is busy producing unique, but suboptimal, content instead of collaborating on mutually beneficial assets. Not only does this waste time and resources but brand messaging is inconsistent as prospects move down the funnel, resulting in a disjointed buyer experience.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen that silo problem a lot. (And you’ve been itching to knock down the silos and bring the teams together.)

This is where that Editorial Board comes in:

An Editorial Board should be made up of key players from every part of the business that touches content. Getting these stakeholders together on a regular basis will help break down the silos, open up communication, and create beautiful consistency throughout your user experience.

Plus, by putting together a board of people that represents every team’s interests, you can speed up process, get key decisions made quickly, make sure every team has a say, and keep your content marketing efforts on track to meet real business goals and user needs.

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