5 Considerations When Evaluating Mobile Engagement Solutions

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Finding the right mobile engagement solution for your brand can be a challenge. It seems that the number of options grows exponentially as time moves forward. It’s getting more and more difficult for decision makers to know which platform is the right one for their mobile engagement needs now and in the future.

Finding the right mobile marketing platform requires research, but there are a certain universal “must-have’s” that mobile marketers should prioritize in their search.

We’ve listed five use cases with related capabilities below for you to evaluate as part of your buying process.

Effectively Drive Engagement

To truly create a powerful mobile engagement experience for your customers, you need to target users based on their behaviors and actions at a very granular level. This empowers your brand to serve highly relevant and compelling messages that enhance their lives, often to the exact moment they need it.

The ability to combine profile and behavioral data is key in a mobile engagement solution, and the source of this capability is in the data that you collect in your data library. And not only the data, but the analytical capabilities of your solution as well. Most engagement solutions can track session length and frequency, their demographics, and new users, but ensure that your solution also takes things one, two, and three steps further.

Capabilities from creating user profiles to store information for segmentation, triggering automated campaigns based on a user’s behavior in the moment, and creating funnels to understand the customer journey and pinpoint any fall off points are just some of the functionality you must have in your solution. For a full checklist, check out our guide here.

Mobile Omni-channel Messaging Capabilities

It’s imperative to be sending the right push notifications to your customers, but what if push notifications aren’t some of your customers’ preferred communication style? Good communication means more than the right messages, but also where it’s delivered. Some of your customers will prefer push notifications while others will prefer an in-app message or an inbox message.

Communications teams have to cater to each of their customers as individuals and deliver messages at their preferred location. Having a solution that takes an omni-channel approach to their mobile experience.

Strong Campaign Reporting

Data is imperative in your mobile solution so you can gain the right insights on your campaign performance to make strategy improvements overtime.  By pinpointing the right insights, your marketing team can make informed, data-centric decisions for your campaigns. So what metrics are the most important?

Understand which messages resonate through a holistic view of your messaging. Go beyond CTR – clicks on promoted content even if not from push or uninstall/opt-out rates after sending a message – to get a sense of the quality of your messages over time.

It’s also imperative to test your campaigns through A/B/n testing and having a control group.

Customer Experience Platform

Similar to the omni-channel capabilities for your mobile solution above, it’s important to remember your customers don’t begin and end on your mobile channel. Your customer experience needs to extend beyond mobile in order to fully serve your customers by embracing every channel they’re using. Does your solution support email and marketing automation? What about mobile messaging and voice of the customer?

Be sure your solution includes or is integrated with an entire customer experience management (CXM) cloud.

Omni-channel capabilities, but are not limited to, email and marketing automation, mobile apps, mobile messaging,  voice of the customer and employee, knowledge management and customer service, and frontline engagement. Marketers must consider multiple channels and integrate to address data and martech gaps.

Flexible Solution that Grows with Your Needs

Whether you are a part of an organization that needs a full-fledged CXM cloud to perfect your customer experience strategy or if you’re looking for a mobile point solution, we can help.

Invest in a solution that is right for your brand and can grow with you.

For a deeper dive into guiding your mobile engagement solution research, read our Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Solution.

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