Growing Revenue Isn’t Magic—It Just Looks That Way

Now more than ever, sales success isn’t about luck or sleight-of-hand: It’s about arming your revenue team with the right training, messaging, methodology, and tech to scale the approaches that win.

That’s why Upland Software and Corporate Visions, Inc. teamed up to pull back the curtain on the ways B2B businesses are winning in the face of unfavorable odds.

Dip into the video series for a crash course, then save your spot for an action-oriented webinar.

Science, Not Smoke: Unlocking the Expansion Sale

Most years, existing customers make up 70+% of your revenue and growth. Today, that number is closer to 100%. 

But now more than ever, you can’t win with smoke and mirrors.

Watch the video to learn: 

  • The three Ps of account planning (and why account planning fails) 
  • How to capitalize on your incumbent advantage 
  • The three crucial conversations sales should have before a renewal 

Tactics, Not Tricks: Creating New Opportunities 

How do you sell change to a risk-averse market?  It’s difficult, though not impossible. So save your bag of tricks for another day.

Watch the video to learn: 

  • How to rethink the acquisition sale and disrupt the status quo 
  • Why deals fail (and what to do about it) 
  • How to build a rigorous qualifying approach to ensure you win the deals that matter

Deliver, Don’t Disguise: Speaking in One Voice 

The right message is never a distraction—it’s your chance to shine a spotlight on your unique value at every touchpoint.

Watch the video to learn: 

  • How to develop best-in-class messaging 
  • How to operationalize content planning, production, and distribution 
  • How to bridge the experience gap that disrupts buyer journeys 

An application of Method, Not Magic:

How BT found the sweet spot between technology and training to transform a global salesforce.


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Sarah Walker

Director, Corporate & Public Sector
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Tim Riesterer

Tim Riesterer

Chief Strategy Officer
Corporate Visions
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Patrick Morrissey

General Manager
Upland Software
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Hear BT’s story and discover what “great” looks like in enterprise selling today. You’ll leave with actionable takeaways you can implement with your revenue teams right away.

Your Own Bag of Tricks

Videos, webinars, testimonials – those are great, but you need to build your own bag of tricks, right?
After the webinar, these resources will be available to you and can help you put these ideas into practice.


eBook: Value Selling Redefined

An insightful ebook, structured to help you learn how to… 

  • Unite your entire revenue team to deliver exceptional CX at every touchpoint 
  • Grow your footprint in existing accounts and unlock revenue hiding in plain sight 
  • Disrupt competitors and win new logos—even in a risk-averse market 

eBook: Connect Solutions to Customer Problems

Sellers that uncover their customer’s business problems and demonstrate value creation with their solutions achieve greater quota attainment. Read this eBook to discover:

  • How to enable sellers to uncover their buyer’s real business problems
  • How to create value-add conversations and map those to your buyer’s problems
  • The essential steps to become a Trusted Advisor

eBook: The Expansion Sale

Get Corporate Vision’s interactive e-book to explore four proven messaging strategies needed to win critical conversations with existing customers AND check out the recent podcast between Chief Strategy Officer, Tim Riesterer, and Upland’s Product Marketing Lead, Sean Broderick.