Build Your Mobile List at Live Events

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Live events bring together your most passionate supporters. But what happens when the conference is over, and everyone leaves the convention center?

With mobile messaging, you can transform your one-day event into a lifelong relationship. Keep attendees engaged by adding interactive elements to your conference or meeting. Then, ask people to continue the mobile relationship – and build a list of your most dedicated fans.

  1. Keep Attendees Informed about Speakers & Sessions: Create a timed schedule that will text out updates about speakers, meals and conference sessions.  Anybody who joins can then opt in to your full list!
  2. Turn Event Downtime into Interactive Q&A:During event downtime, use signs or screens to ask attendees interactive questions. When they text in, they can join your list.
  3. Offer a Prize: Who isn’t entranced by the siren song of free swag? Offer a prize to one lucky texter! You’ll encourage everyone at the event to sign up.
  4. Cut out the Paperwork! You may already be planning to gather people’s names and addresses. Rather than dealing with paperwork and forms, use text messaging. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle.
  5. Use Text-to-Screen to Engage Attendees – And Gain Contacts: Keep people engaged by asking them to text in their opinions – and immediately projecting the results.
  6. Follow Up with Surveys and Polls: Once people have left the event, you can follow up with surveys and polls. Text message surveys make it easy for attendees to respond, and keep data in an easy-to-parse format.

Our clients have had phenomenal success interweaving mobile messaging throughout their events.

Examples of How Text Messaging Works Well with Live Events

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