Mobile Messaging for Media and Entertainment

Engage Your Audience with Upland Mobile Messaging

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to interact with your audience during a live event or show.

With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can reach viewers and listeners anywhere and communicate with them instantly. Text messaging offers a simple, accessible way for anyone to respond to your calls to action. Whether you want to send reminders for upcoming shows, receive real-time feedback on live events, or poll your audience, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your audience and see immediate responses and results.

Audience Engagement

Improve engagement with your audience and viewers by conducting a conversation over their mobile phone.

  • Send mobile subscribers links to exclusive video clips and content
  • Gather instant feedback by polling the audience in real-time
  • Conduct a survey to learn more about your viewers and build a mobile CRM of your audience

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Consumer Insights

Start a conversation with consumers and interact with them to build brand loyalty.

  • Learn about consumer preferences with surveys and polls
  • Identify who your shoppers are and start building their mobile profile
  • Integrate our platform with your CRM to segment and personalize mobile offers
  • Automatic data collection connects the missing pieces in your consumer shopping behaviors

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Exclusive Offers & Promotions

Deliver discounts, coupons, and exclusive offers, at the right time and to the right person, driving sales and growth.

  • Ensure timely offers are read and opened immediately
  • Track and analyze offer redemption in stores and online
  • Improve the effectiveness of all marketing channels

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The 90-Day Journey: A step-by-step guide to successful text messaging campaigns

Upland Mobile Messaging Resources

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The 90-Day Journey: A step-by-step guide to successful text messaging campaigns

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