Mobile Messaging for Retail

Retail + Mobile = A Match Made in Heaven

Mobile messaging is the foundation of your ongoing interaction with today’s retail customer. It ties together all your mobile, digital and traditional marketing customer experiences. Almost every human has a mobile device and spends most of their waking day immersed in it. It’s oxygen to millennials.

More than advertising, it’s the power to control recurring high-value interactions directly with your customers. In fact, 54% of smartphone users have signed up for SMS notifications from a business, equal to email, and more than social media likes/following. Mobile messaging has become table stakes for retail marketing and business success.

diagram demonstration benefits and customer lifecycle of mobile messaging programs

Drive Store and Online Traffic

Today, mobile is the most effective way to drive store and online traffic. It’s more dynamic than email and offers higher penetration and reach than apps. Upland Mobile Messaging understands mobile’s unique characteristics, and how to reach customers with personalized experiences at every point in the retail customer journey.

The proof? We continually build and grow powerful CRM enabled mobile lists for retailers with millions of opt-ins. How do we measure success? We deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in sales directly attributable to retail SMS/MMS programs for individual retail brands with ROI from $150-250 for every dollar spent. We can do the same for you.

Open Rate

Response Rate

bar chart comparing email response rate

Conversion Rate

bar chart comparing email conversion rate

Go Beyond Traditional Messaging.

Upland Mobile Messaging excels in mobile blocking and tackling. We deliver some of the highest volumes of SMS/MMS marketing and enterprise transactional messaging in the business. Tens of millions of MMS, web, and mobile wallet pass manager coupons—unique to each customer—are redeemed from the biggest retailers in the business.

But we’ve also got an extensive set of tools for building creative rich media experiences. You can mix and match compelling customer interactions including:

  • Easy creation and delivery of mobile wallet pass manager content
  • Rich media offers ex. scratcher coupons, match games etc.
  • Scratchable coupons with built-in social posting and store finder
  • MMS messages with dynamically personalized video or images
  • MMS coupons and loyalty reward cards that create mobile wallet passes
  • Emojis that trigger targeted SMS or email
  • Triggered messages for “buy online/pick up in-store” orders

If you’ve seen it or imagined it, we can make it happen.

Success is More than Great Technology

Upland Mobile Messaging provides much more than just the tools for mobile messaging (although our platform is pretty awesome). For each client, we provide unparalleled expertise and experience that matches the correct tools, tactics and best practices to their strategic plan. If you don’t have a strategic plan, we’ll develop one with you. We’ll help you understand what success would look like before a single message is sent.

This success is not just measured in opt-ins, CTR, messages sent, or that fuzzy “engagement” concept. We measure concretely in traffic generated, offers redeemed, incremental tickets, customer value, gross revenue, incremental revenue, and insight into the exact ROI of every message sent.

Mobile CRM with Upland Mobile Messaging

The name of the game is relevance and context. Without it, your customer interactions are deaf, dumb, and blind.

Our messaging platform not only enables you to create the customer experience, but also manage the relationship with your customers — who they are, what they like and what they tend to do. We can capture and store this information – and act on it using our Smart Segmentation – or deliver messages based on your CRM triggers. This enables powerful data insertion, personalization, and retargeting in mobile messaging. Our flexible APIs integrate with all leading CRM systems for real-time synchronization/sharing of customer data.

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