Mobile Messaging for Nonprofit and Causes

Engage Supporters and Raise Awareness with Text Messaging

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to reach your supporters and motivate them to take action. With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can send informative text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns to educate your list and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re growing your list or activating your supporters, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your mobile users and see incredible results.


Text messaging is the most effective solution for mobilizing thousands of supporters and driving phone calls to Congress. Set up and launch a call-in campaign at a moment’s notice.

  • Connect constituents with their state or federal legislators
  • Give supporters key talking points over the phone before connecting them to legislators
  • Track incoming calls in real-time and measure your impact instantly

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Text messaging is a powerful and effective way to reach your supporters, increase donations, and raise more money.

  • Launch a text-to-give campaign
  • Send text reminders to donate
  • Promote your campaign at live events
  • Direct supporters to online web forms

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Volunteer Management

Organize and coordinate your one-time and ongoing volunteer events with text messaging.

  • Send volunteers opportunities suited to their schedules and preferences
  • Ask for support when it’s needed most and when they’re most likely to respond
  • Reach volunteers with real-time updates and personal thank you notes

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Voter Registration

Use text messaging to motivate voters to get registered and head to the polls on election day.

  • Inform residents about current issues and voting laws
  • Guide individuals through the voter registration process
  • Direct voters to their designated polling place on election day

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eBook: How Text Messaging Improves Multichannel Engagement for Nonprofit Fundraising

Mobile Messaging Resources

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Case Study

Sierra Club

Over 2,500 supporters responded to a Sierra Club mobile call to action.

Case Study

Human Rights Campaign

HRC finds that mobile subscribers are 250% more likely to donate.

Case Study


Mobile subscribers were 60% more likely to become monthly sustainers.


The Nature Conservancy Grew Its Mobile List 800% with One Simple Change

With one simple change, The Nature Conservancy grew their list of mobile...

Case Study

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

SMS campaign was 25x+ more effective at driving phone calls to Congress.

Case Study

Humane Society of the United States

Supporters who receive text reminder were 77% more likely to donate online.

Case Study


Local event attendees connect with an international organization through SMS campaign.


Everytown for Gun Safety Adds Mobile Fields to Its Forms, Sees Consistent List Growth

Case Study’s mobile text message game educated over 100,000 teenagers about personal finance.

Case Study

Alliance for Climate Education

ACE shared that texting is the #1 way teens communicate; enrolling 40K.

Case Study

Union Plus

Union Plus achieved a 25% conversion rate when they used text messaging.

Case Study


Tumblr drove almost 100K calls to Congress using mobile web forms.

Case Study

Food & Water Watch

Mobile Call-In Campaign drove fracking calls and voicemails to the White House.

Case Study

The Sierra Club

Multiple phone lines directed to one; Result: 34,000 calls opposing DAPL.

Case Study

No Kid Hungry

800% increase in the usage of the free summer meals locator.