Why Upland Mobile Messaging

Enterprise Mobile Messaging that Drives Results

Your audience is tuning out. Consumers today are overwhelmed with email, and social media is impersonal at best. Apps are great – but only 16% of people use an app more than twice. SMS is the most pervasive means of communication today on mobile devices, exceeding calls, email, and apps. 98% of text messages are read, usually within 90 seconds.

Upland Mobile Messaging has helped some of the largest companies and institutions in the world reach their target consumers and inspire them to take action. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to launch an automated messaging campaign, while our user database and analytics provide penetrating insights into your supporters. Send and receive personalized texts, build two-way relationships, and create deep bonds at scale.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

Send and receive text, pictures, and video on an easy-to-use platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing ecosystem.

Deep Mobile Expertise

Leverage our team of mobile strategists that have launched the industry’s largest and most effective mobile messaging campaigns.

Automated Personalization

Harness our extensive data and insights to automate personalized messages and drive deep engagement with consumers.

Tuned For The Needs of Your Business

  • Mobile Messaging for Health Management

    Our healthcare solutions are designed to help your organization achieve your specific outcomes and goals.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Government and Public Services

    Send text messages to help connect underserved populations with vital resources, schedule appointments, and alerts in real-time, and keep citizens informed about local news.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Nonprofit and Causes

    Send informative text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns to educate your list and achieve your goals.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Consumer Brands

    Use text messages to learn more about your customers, promote upcoming events, and start a conversation about your brand.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Media and Entertainment

    Whether you want to send reminders for upcoming shows, receive real-time feedback on live events, or poll your audience, we help you see immediate responses and results.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Commercial Services

    Our platform is tailored to help you reach customers with the right message at the right time.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Restaurants

    Send highly personalized offers based on customer preferences and nearest store location. Boost sales with time relevant coupons, drive off hour store traffic, and gather critical customer data.
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  • Mobile Messaging for Retail

    Drive key retail RFM objectives for customer acquisition, store traffic, incremental sales and retention/loyalty. Deliver rich media messages increasing product awareness and ecommerce sales conversion. Data insertion, personalization, and retargeting lets you deliver messages based on customer purchase history and customizable CRM triggers.
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