Mayors Against Illegal Guns Want You to Demand Action

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Last year, in the wake of the horrible shootings at Sandy Hook, the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched their initiative “Demand a Plan.” They turned to ordinary citizens and asked them to directly petition Congress to introduce sweeping legislation that could curtail gun violence in America. People across the country spoke out.

Now that Obama has put forth a plan, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns want you to demand action. As Mayor Mike Bloomberg says in a new PSA for the group, “More than 900 mayors, more than 1.4 million Americans, you demanded a plan. And you got it. Now, demand action. Demand action to fight gun violence. Right now.”

The powerful PSA features mayors from cities, large and small, across America, asking citizens to speak out in favor of the new gun control proposals.  The lineup includes Mayor Bloomberg, Thomas Menino of Boston, Mike Nutter of Philadelphia, R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis, Ed Lee of San Francisco, and a dozen other mayors from across the country.

To join the campaign and call your Congressional representatives, simply navigate to the Demand Action website.  Enter your phone number, name, and address into the web form. You’ll receive a phone call and, when you answer, be given some helpful talking points about what to say. You will then be automatically connected to your Senator, where you can support the new anti-violence policy proposals.

Visit the Demand Action website and check out the powerful PSA below, where the Mayors express their commitment to the fight against gun violence.

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