Case Study

96.5 KISS FM – an iHeartMedia Station


96.5 KISS FM in Cleveland was looking for a way to increase revenue as well as listener participation.


The goal was to make all traditional radio spots interactive and to allow Programming and Promotions to connect directly with listeners on a more personal level.


KISS employed Upland Mobile Messaging’s text messaging solution. Upland Mobile Messaging flew out for two days to work directly with sales and programming for a seamless launch of their text messaging solution. Upland Mobile Messaging had the sales reps bring clients in to produce immediate revenue with their new mobile solution.


  • KISS brought in more than $1 million in incremental revenue in eight months, attributing the 24 percent increase in a flat market to text messaging and the partnership with Upland Mobile Messaging.
  • Programmers and DJs set up campaigns in a matter of minutes. Audience participation levels have improved dramatically.
  • KISS Cleveland has an average of 50,000 text messages sent to their station per month and has interacted with 83,566 listeners directly (28 percent of their cume). They have also seen as high as 3,600 people interact in a single day text campaign.
  • KISS continues to take advantage of Upland Mobile Messaging’s industry-leading training. New staff members get educated through a unique Upland Mobile Messaging online video training series. All have access to Upland Mobile Messaging’s unmatched customer service.

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