GOTV in 2020: How to Mobilize Your Base with SMS

Drive votes and volunteer participation with mobile messaging.

In 2020, getting out the vote (GOTV) looks much different than in previous years.

Digital voter engagement is more important than ever, and your text messaging program will play a large role in driving voter turnout and volunteer participation. But where do you start? And how can you maximize the success of your GOTV SMS efforts?

We’ve got a few answers in this eBook. Download “GOTV in 2020: How to Mobilize Your Base with SMS” to learn:

  • How to grow your GOTV text messaging list
  • Ways to help your audience make a plan to vote – whether in-person or by mail
  • What you can do to keep voters engaged, even after the election

Ready to get out the vote? Get this eBook to start.


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