A quick look at Quick Starts. How to adapt, so your customers and employees will adopt

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You no longer need to be an engineer to tackle the latest in tech.  In fact, now you can be a business owner with no tech experience, or working in a department with limited tech resources and still build a digital transformation solution. If you are ready to start your transformation journey, then you need to know about Panviva’s Quick Starts.

What are Quick Starts?

Quick Starts enable you to solve business problems at a rapid pace. They are predefined mechanisms that help you accelerate your product development process towards a Minimal Lovable Product. As the name suggests, they can be a starting point to further developing your own digital transformation solutions. Utilizing Quick Starts as a baseline you can get a head start on solving your business problems. These programs offer a streamlined option that allows you to develop your product to a lovable standard and release it sooner, without sacrificing quality.

Getting started 

Panviva’s Quick Starts are focused on connecting your employees and customers with the right contextual knowledge nuggets at their time of need. They focus on streamlining knowledge integration in your business. The best part is, they provide options for teams with varying tech experience levels and needs:

  • If you don’t have access to engineers, you can utilize RPA/Power Platforms.
  • If you have limited access to engineers, you use our samples to build your product quickly.
  • For organizations with dedicated engineering teams, use our SDKs or call our APIs.

In the fast-moving world of technology, the faster you develop and test, the faster you can resolve, Panviva makes this possible, all while maintaining the highest standards and keeping the customer and employee front of mind.

Which option is right for you?

Panviva’s Quick Starts have been designed to match your team’s learning styles and competencies. So, which is the right option for your business?

choose the right option Panviva diagram

No or Low Code Options

Low-code/no-code development platforms allow for visual software development environments enabling enterprise developers and citizen developers to drag and drop application components, connect them together and create mobile apps, web apps or simple workflows.

To prototype quickly, try Panviva’s integrations:

Published Code Samples

Explore our code samples published on our public GitHub. Panviva have published a range of code samples across:

Toolkits and SDKs

To get you up and running quickly you could also use Panviva’s Toolkits/SDKs published across different marketplaces, namely:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing Quick Start technology and there are various degrees of customization depending on your business needs and transformation goals. Panviva’s Quick Start programs take into consideration User experience, Customer Experience, and Knowledge Management to offer a holistic solution that answers the needs of your customer base.

Are you ready to build a digital transformation solution?

Panviva is focused on providing Knowledge Management Solutions to support your customer and employee experience.  Visit our Developer Portal, or Contact Us today to start your journey.

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