Supercharge agent productivity and streamline processes

Business process outsourcing organizations deliver customized knowledge experiences from a single source of truth every time.  

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Empowering KM Excellence: How Panviva helps BPOs level up.

To stay competitive in rapidly evolving industries and achieve long-term success, Panviva leads the way. 

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Reduce training time and escalations.

Provide agents with appropriate processes and scripts at any requested time to free up senior staff for more complex issues.

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Overcome compliance breaches and process errors.

Keep content up-to-date (with an auditable trail), to ensure knowledge workers have clear and concise instructions in any industry.

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Focus on customers, not processes.

Deliver consistent and accurate knowledge, regardless of customers’ preferred channel, allowing agents to focus on customer conversations and escalations.

Supercharge your organizations' knowledge.

Revolutionize your training, ensure compliance, improve performance metrics, and deliver exceptional customer service. Here’s what Panviva can do for your BPO organization:

Cut training time and costs 

  • On-the-job support 
  • A single source of truth 
  • 60% reduction in memorization scripts 

Guarantee compliance and quality  

  • Streamlined and standardized workflows 
  • Stricter compliance conformity 
  • Notifications when critical knowledge is updated
  • Constant knowledge access with a Guide on the Side  

Provide an easy to use, update, and maintain system 

  • Simple editing and templates – no coding required!  
  • Reusable content modules to fast-track updates 
  • Tracking feature for when changes have been read and tests are complete 

Measure and improve performance metrics 

  • Instant feedback 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics 
  • Inside look to improve processes when necessary 

Deliver customer experience excellence 

  • Robust omnichannel support 
  • Provide consistent and accurate knowledge 
  • Agent support across any customer-connected channel 

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Reduction in time-to-competency 
Reduction in training time
Reduction in turnover

Streamline information for cohesive customer service experiences across all channels

Global travel company improves agent and customer experiences with Panviva.

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