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The knowledge you need, from agents to customers. IVR, chatbot, website connection? We’ve got you covered!

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Consistent, contextualized, and accurate knowledge for your agents and customers.

Take your internal and external knowledge management and communication to the next level. From seamless onboarding to reduced time spent searching for answers, Panviva streamlines and unifies your knowledge so your employees and customers always have the information they need, whenever–and wherever–they need it.

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A true omnichannel strategy needs consistency and compliance

Use existing knowledge to enable self-service on websites, customer portals, IVRs, voice assistance, CRM, EHRs, and more.

  • Create multiple responses from a single document to add personalization for any audience or channel.
  • Create chatbot-ready microcontent.
  • Screen pop contextual knowledge to agents based on IVR selection or their location in the CRM.
  • Enable knowledge workers with step-by-step process guidance to ensure consistent responses and reduce compliance breaches and process errors.

Contextual intelligence

Proactively push knowledge to employees through intelligent integration and skip the headache of looking for the right response.

  • Eliminate frantic searches by populating content based on customers’ IVR selections.
  • Ensure accuracy by automatically providing context based on the CRM screen.
  • Enrich responses with metadata to provide proactive answers.
Contextual intelligence
knowledge for the web

Knowledge for the Web

Promote self-service and empower your staff and customers with knowledge when they need it, reducing the cost of service.

  • Enable customers to solve simple inquires through your website, freeing your team to focus on complex problems.
  • Stop the influx of repeat inquires to your most valuable teams (HR, IT, and more) by delivering knowledge to employee portals.
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Guarantee compliance across all channels

Create and control your knowledge from a single source of truth.

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Enable a true omnichannel experience

Deliver dynamic, personalized content to match your channel and audience.

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Provide contextual guidance

Unite your knowledge, IVRs, and CRMs to fast-track problem solving.

Build a CX Dream Team

Empower your employees and channels with a complete knowledge management solution.

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We chose Panviva to move our content into the future and away from our fragmented past.

Heather Morrow
Senior Business Analyst, GM Financial

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