Rosemary Kirk Employee Spotlight

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Team Panviva

“Rose is amazing!” That is something we constantly hear from those who work with Rosemary Kirk, Solutions Consultant. Rosemary has been instrumental in supporting the CCP sellers as they ramp up their Panviva Knowledge. Learn more about her story, goals and “Upland Favorites” below.

Q: How did you first learn about Panviva?

A: I was introduced to Panviva as a customer in February of 2010. I was a trainer in a US health insurance company and we were still using printed binders and SharePoint sites to manage information. I quickly saw the value of Panviva and knew that it would be beneficial to our organization. After over 3 years as the primary Author and Administrator for our Panviva database, I was asked to join the Panviva team as a Project Manager. Having worked in contact centers for almost 20 years, it was a scary leap for me, but I jumped at the opportunity.

I was part of the Implementation team for several years. When Panviva shifted to using a Partner network for implementations, I became part of the Sales team. I was affectionately known as the “Demo Magician” and loved speaking to prospects about the product and sharing my story of success. Panviva was acquired by Upland in June 2021 and I joined the wonderful team of Solution Consultants.

Q: What are your 2023 goals?

A: In addition to watching as many LinkedIn Learning courses as possible, I’ve just started learning the RightAnswers product. My goal for 2023 is to become a more well-rounded “knowledge advisor” so that I can be better suited to help a prospect find the Upland product that will best suit their knowledge management needs.”

Q: What is your favorite Upland color?

A: Upland Blue is my favorite Upland color and I try to use it prominently in my PPT presentations.

Q: What is your favorite Panviva feature?

A: My favorite Panviva feature is the Collaboration Hub. It allows users to provide feedback to content authors and owners, but also watch the feedback as it progresses through the content management process. It increases employee engagement, but also encourages employee empowerment so that contact center associates know that their opinion counts and that they are being heard and understood.

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