Help your employees remain compliant and reduce errors and risk

You’ve trained your agents and they’re delivering excellent service. But then change happens! New industry or company regulations and procedures threaten to put a wrench in your contact center’s performance.

How do you keep agents updated with the latest changes so they can deliver accurate knowledge and remarkable customer experiences?

Watch this webinar to see a demo of Panviva’s unique user interface and approach. We’ll show you how our clients in highly compliant industries such as finance, healthcare, and utilities use Panviva to ensure accurate, compliant knowledge by all agents and across all customer service channels. Using Panviva, your agents will:

  • Easily pinpoint the exact information they need, even in a complex multi-step process
  • Find all answers in 3 clicks or less
  • Save time by eliminating scrolling and the need to flip between screens
  • Gain competency faster

Register now to catch the demo of Panviva. It’s unlike any other KM system you’ve seen.

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