Finance Teams Are Wasting Time and How To Fix It

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Upland Admin

Time is money and many organizations waste it because they do not make use of the financial integrations that PSA has to offer.

We do not just offer integrations to CRM systems like Microsoft CRM and Salesforce but also to several accounting and payroll systems.

Integrations to Great Plains, Accpac, QuickBooks, and SAP allow you to import and export data between the systems like users, customers, invoices, reimbursable expense reports, tax codes… just to name a few. Yet many companies still do not take advantage of what PSA has to offer and create their customers in their accounting software and then as a client of the PSA software. Employees that are set up in the accounting package can easily be imported as users into PSA. Would you believe that there are actually still companies that take a printout or a .pdf export of the invoice that was created in PSA and recreate the invoice manually in their accounting package? I know, it’s hard to believe. PSA even offers the convenience to export hours to your payroll system, whether you do the payroll with QuickBooks or use ADP. Maybe it’s time that you reevaluate your internal business processes to get the best return on your investment with PSA.

About the Author: Karen Oden is an Implementation Consultant at Upland Software with over 15 years of experience doing software implementation and data manipulation, system analysis, and application technical support based on a sound business and accounting background.

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