From Tenrox to Upland PSA – a Customer-driven Decision

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Team PSA

For those of you who’ve known us for a long time, you likely noticed that we recently changed our product name from Tenrox to Upland PSA, with new logos popping up on our website, in the platform interface, and on our partner sites. We wanted to take the opportunity to share the mindset and the vision that drove this decision, and what it all means for our customers.

The Origins of PSA for Professional Services Automation

Since 1995, PSA has been designing innovative Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, building on our existing experience and technological capability. We began with a timesheet automation solution, a core function in the administration of any professional services organization (PSO). In fact, we wrote the book on time and expense management, and we’re happy to say that we’ve had that down pat for a good while now.

Over the years, we’ve added features and functionality to build out a complete PSA solution that solves the most important issues faced by services organizations, automating and streamlining their day-to-day functions:

  • The Resource Management feature set enables you to forecast resource requirements based on incoming project pipeline, while helping you efficiently manage skills, capacity and utilization.
  • Project Management capabilities allow you to create, update and manage projects from day one to close, keeping you on top of every milestone, even when plans change.
  • Project Billing automates and accelerates the creation, and approvals cycles, so you can reduce revenue leakage, maximize cash flow and reduce debt.
  • Project Financials gives you a strategic edge to evaluate profitability and keep your business on track for growth.

We added connectivity to your enterprise ecosystem via the Upland Integration Platform, to efficiently bridge PSA data with front and back-office systems. And of course, with the growing power of the cloud, we introduced Upland Analytics to give you advanced business intelligence helping you identify up-to-the-minute performance insights without the need for any third-party software or expertise.

The modern PSO needs customer-centric PSA

Fast forward to today, we’re now penning a new chapter, in fact, a whole new volume.

Professional services companies are changing, and your needs have changed. That’s why your PSA software also has to change. Not that long ago, the emphasis was centered on the project – streamlining all aspects of project execution to make it easier to create, plan, manage and deliver throughout the bid-to-bill cycle. But more recently, companies have started to modify their thinking, and organize around the customer.
Fortunately, at Upland, we’re never standing still. We’re intent on innovation and helping you look around the corner at what’s coming next. Our company grows through strategic acquisition, identifying synergies with complementary best-of-breed products that can bring incremental value to our existing software. This means that for PSA, we had at our disposal exciting, new functionality that the market was demanding, and we were able to build out our feature set accordingly. Those solutions were also easy to add, because of our unified operating platform that we call UplandOne.

To ensure your customers are satisfied, it’s essential to close any communication gaps => Upland PSA’s proposal automation helps you harmonize sales and delivery by connecting proposals and PSA, speeding up RFPs, SOWs and project creation.

To enhance your customers’ experience, it’s best to ask them what they think => Upland PSA’s customer sentiment helps automate requests for customer feedback, gives insight into areas that potentially harm customer satisfaction, and enables you to manage the relationship in real-time.

To foster positive customer outcomes, it pays to put project knowledge in the hands of your employees – Upland PSA’s knowledge management is a framework to help capture, share and access knowledge easily and in real-time, directly from within your PSA environment, to keep projects compliant and on time.

The path to PSA innovation

With this new direction, and these first new features confirming it, we needed our customers to understand that we were evolving. Rebranding from Tenrox to Upland PSA was the best way to reflect our growth and innovation. We didn’t just get a new name and logo, and we didn’t just add new features, we created a whole new PSA.

It’s an exciting time for us. The advent of Upland PSA has signaled a new way of working, enabling the next generation of services organizations, and helping you build the PSO of the future. And, as Upland grows, we’ll continue to offer you strong technology solutions from the Upland portfolio, to continue to support your strategic development and grow beyond your expectations.

When a company puts its customers first, some decisions become obvious. Watch this video about the new Upland PSA, to get a more practical understanding of what customer-centric PSA means for us, and when you’re ready, reach out for a demo of Upland PSA and we’ll be happy to show you in detail.

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