Upland Software Enhances Services Team Productivity with Latest Software Release Through New Workflows, User Experience Upgrades, and a Re-Imagined Help Center.

August 13, 2020 3 minute read

Upland Admin

Latest release includes new Resource Request Workflow, PO Consumption Updates and Notifications, and an Expanded Help Center.

Upland PSA has announced its latest release – Upland PSA 2020 R2 – which includes with significant upgrades to enhance services team productivity. Included in the release, a new Resource Request Workflow, PO Consumption Updates and Notifications, and an Expanded Help Center, all operate together to help our customers achieve optimal productivity in times of economic uncertainty.

“In these times of economic uncertainty, it has been important for us, as leaders in professional service automation solutions, to help our customers perform their job more easily than ever before,” says Rafat Hilal, General Manager, Upland Software. “This latest release is about finding opportunities to limit the number of meetings and emails to get the job done, with reduced manual intervention, and help our customers increase productivity in order to keep their business running smoothly.”

This latest release is about finding opportunities to limit the number of meetings and emails, and helping our customers keep their business running smoothly ~ Rafat Hilal, General Manager, Upland Software

Included in this release are a number of features aimed at improving team productivity with fewer meetings and less manual intervention:

  • Upland PSA 2020R2 resource request for RMOStreamlined Project Staffing: With the new resource request workflow, staffing requests are submitted by project managers, prompting resource managers to fulfill the request in compliance with established internal policies while maximizing project margins and resource utilization. At the same time, resource managers can identify available resources using configurable color-coded utilization visual indicators.
  • Enriched PO Management: Project managers can view available Purchase Orders, including consumption status, on Accounts and Projects in PSA, helping them manage project budgets without having to gather the information from Finance or Account Managers. Coupled with new alerts and notifications, both project managers and customer success managers can be notified at creation or consumption milestones to help them actively monitor the available budget and ensure maximum consumption without overrun.
  • Improved Expense Management: When submitting expenses, the receipt image is now displayed right beside the entry details, removing additional clicks, and enabling team members to quickly verify the contents of the receipt match the line item before submitting for approval.
  • Expanded Help Center: Offering a new look and feel, the redesigned Help Center makes it easy to find information and resources on a variety of topics. The User Experience focused on improved search capabilities and better organization of search results to improve readability and reduce scrolling and navigation.

Upland PSA 2020 R2 is currently available for all customers, the datasheet provides more information. If you are interested in exploring Upland PSA, watch this webinar 5 Ways to Grow Profitability with Customer-Centric Services – Lessons Learned From SPI and when you’re ready to learn how Upland PSA can transform your business, contact us for a demo. Existing customers are invited to contact your Customer Success Manager or log a support ticket.

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