The Anatomy of a Great Customer Experience

Learn more about the mismatch between companies and customers.

How our memory shapes the way we view our experiences…

If you look at the mission statements and ‘About Us’ pages for most companies, they’re almost certainly going to include something about ‘great customer service’, ‘exceeding expectations’ or ‘delivering excellence’.

This probably isn’t a surprise to you. After all, more companies than ever before are claiming to be customer focused.

But there is a mismatch between companies and customers. While 80% of companies believe that they deliver a “superior experience” to their customers, only 8% of customers agree.

Download our eBook to find out:

  • How this mismatch has happened
  • How one touchpoint can undermine a whole customer experience
  • The difference between the ‘Remembering Self’ and the ‘Experiencing Self’
  • What defines a customer experience story
  • Three tactics you can use to build customer experiences with memories in mind


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