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Stonewater adopt real-time, emotion-led approach to customer feedback and engagement

Stonewater adopt a real-time, emotion-led approach to customer feedback and engagement.

Stonewater needed an efficient customer feedback process that provided actionable insight.

Due to the unprecedented global pandemic, not only did Stonewater have the challenge of improving their customer experience, but they had to do it while navigating a move to remote working for their service center team.

Their previous method of gathering customer feedback relied on telephone interviews as their main source of transactional feedback. Due to the cost of telephone surveys, it prohibited the volume needed to gather feedback that represented the views of their full customer base. They often experienced delays of up to six weeks from interaction with the customer and receiving the results from the survey. This lack of real-time feedback meant response rates were often low, or the customer’s memory of the experience wasn’t clear – resulting in confusion regarding the experience and the customer’s level of satisfaction.

With Rant & Rave by their side, Stonewater were able to get to work on their processes immediately so they could work with real-time feedback, reduce the time to close the feedback loop, and drive positive changes both for their customers and internal teams.

Stonewater has been able to capture feedback across multiple touchpoints that include Contact Centre, repairs, lettings, complaints and Capital Investment works or following Anti-Social Behaviour cases. Not only is Stonewater able to do this at multiple touchpoints but also across multiple channels using a mixture of SMS, email, interactive voice messaging and listening posts. With the additional challenges thrown at them as a result of the pandemic, Stonewater had to adjust to also account for feedback around PPE and the way they manage responsive repairs in a safe manner.

Results for Stonewater

  • 84.5% overall customer satisfaction score
  • 82.6% satisfaction for Responsive Repairs
  • 88.2% customer satisfaction for Contact Center

To find out more about Stonewater’s journey with Rant & Rave, follow the link below.

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