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Cracking the CX Code: Secrets to Achieving 90%+ Customer Satisfaction

This is a fireside chat facilitated by Sam Walker. This is a relaxed interview style event that leans on story-telling from our customer, Tai Calon, covering their CX journey, why they choose R&R, evolution of CX Maturity, and unlocking the power of Recover.

Your reputation is important and customer dissatisfaction in today’s world means every interaction needs to be of the highest quality. Not knowing your customers’ frustrations and being able to address them in the moment, leaves you exposed to poor customer satisfaction results, potential fines and ultimately a negative perception of your reputation.

So, what is the secret sauce to stopping repeat calls, complaints to regulators and customers jumping on social media to trash your brand?

In this fireside chat, our Rant and Rave Sr. Account Executive, Sam Walker, will be joined by Ross Watts and Melissa Scholes as they share the game-changing tools and strategy behind Tai Calon’s remarkable CX transformation that bring about 90+% customer satisfaction scores.

Key Topics Include:

  • The “single biggest driving force” propelling their CX success
  • How they turned customer feedback into daily action for real impact
  • The creative “MVP” approach they first used to prove value
  • Specific processes for effortlessly “closing the loop” on every case

Why Watch?
Whether you’re looking for a customer engagement software to streamline current processes, or looking to enhance your customer journey, this webinar is designed to provide you with actionable insights and expert guidance. Gain access to invaluable knowledge from a current Rant and Rave customer and take the first step toward achieving intelligent customer experiences.

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