An Emotion-Led Approach To Customer Feedback

When it comes to capturing actionable customer feedback, the more accurate, the better. With the continuing rise of digital, and the multiple channels through which your customers can interact with you, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts to ensure you’re gaining the highest response rates for feedback.

In this short but insightful webinar, Sam Walker (Sector Manager, Upland Rant & Rave) and Dean Ballard (Head of Customer Insight, Stonewater) return in our follow-up housing sector webinar to take you through:

  • Best practice recommendations to elicit high response rates
  • How to automate the analysis of customer comments
  • How you can act on what’s important to your customers, fast.

Dean will then take you through his experience of moving to a real-time, emotion-led approach, how Stonewater have adapted and the benefits they’ve experienced as a result.

Marketing Sales Rant & Rave On-demand Webinar


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