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Fee earners and attorneys are consistently working against the clock when it comes to servicing their clients. Every case, regardless of matter, requires fast and reliable access to information to keep work moving—whether they’re communicating with courts, sending documentation to attorneys, or simply locating in-house experts to collaborate with to expedite a case. This means firms not only need smarter ways to search and improve access to the information they have, but they need technology to help them easily capture and route content where it needs to go, whether it be to an attorney, a case file, or to secure storage.

Upland BA Insight finds the content that matters

BA Insight’s User Experience Platform enables both fee earners and attorneys to get the data they need from one single search. This removes those aggravating experiences of, “system hopping” which wastes enormous amounts of time and causes huge frustrations due to the vary varied search experience of each application.

When it comes to keeping a case running smoothly, sometimes finding the relevant content is a real challenge. Google has shown us just how powerful search can be, but it has also given users high expectations for simplicity, ease of use, and instant access to content. Upland BA Insight’s User Experience Platform delivers legal teams deep knowledge, meaningful insights, and a broad range of additional capabilities.

Benefits of legal enterprise search technology

  • Faster Knowledge Management Law firms are built on knowledge. By presenting information in easy-to-use knowledge centers where content can be found in just a few mouse clicks your firm can be more productive and effective than ever.
  • Enhanced Collaboration When collaboration is poor, efficiency suffers. By providing search solutions that integrate information and deliver results users expect, productivity improves and your staff will be able to work together to leverage existing relevant information that yields improved outcomes for clients.
  • Locating Experts Your firm has in-house experts with specialized knowledge and skills, but are you taking advantage of their experience? By tapping into attorneys’ full “digital footprint” and providing the ability to explore and evaluate tradeoffs between areas of expertise, your staff are able to quickly connect with experts to get ideas, advice, and answers that help them do their jobs better.

Upland AccuRoute handles content chaos, so you can get back to clients

AccuRoute provides secure ways to capture, process, deliver, and fax matter-centric content from any device.

The legal market remains one of the most document-intensive industries today. That’s why forward-thinking law firms are devoting IT resources toward digitizing processes. Upland AccuRoute makes everyday work more efficient and accessible with out-of-the-box legal-specific technology that provides busy firms with flexible, user-friendly configurations to solve the challenge of managing thousands or millions of documents per month.

Benefits of legal search solutions and capture fax technology

  • Precise Data Extraction Manual data entry is tedious, and it means more chance for human error. Automated data extraction and quality control processes reduce manual entry to give your staff relief while lowering the risk of misfiling information. The right software can automatically convert paper files into PDF and text-searchable PDF, bookmarked PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word and Excel, JPEG, RTF, TIF, and many more file types.
  • Reliable Content Delivery Savvy firms have systems in place to help staff to get things done from wherever they are. Standardize digital mailroom capture and routing so your attorneys can easily and securely access documentation required to win that next case, whether they’re in office, working remotely, or are on the road.
  • Many Integrations Attorneys and staff that are stuck by a fax machine or spend their day bouncing between systems aren’t working efficiently. Streamline mission-critical document workflows by integrating your capture and fax software with document management systems such as iManage and NetDocuments, so that staff can search and capture, route, and deliver content from any network-enabled multi-function peripheral (MFP) right from the device panel.

Wrap up

Upland Software is a trusted global leader in cloud-based enterprise software, and it’s our mission to simplify everyday work for law firms by making content-centric processes more efficient. Whether it’s searching for case content, or reliably delivering that content where it needs to go, we’ve got your back.

With the combined functionality of AccuRoute and BA Insight, legal firms can unlock the full potential of attorneys and fee earners by empowering them with relevant content wherever and whenever they need it. No more bouncing from system to system, so your legal team can spend more time delivering value to their clients, and less time on the hunt for case content.

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