Protect Senior Patients’ Privacy with InterFAX Cloud Fax for eMARs

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Did you know that online enterprise cloud fax solutions are the most secure means of transferring HIPAA-protected medical information? There are 55.8 million senior citizens in the U.S. and 6.6 million in Canada. Many live in retirement communities, require in-home nursing care, or reside in permanent care facilities. That means senior health and wellness professionals have a lot of sensitive documentation going back and forth between care providers, pharmacies, treatment centers, and beyond.  

Upland InterFAX’s enterprise cloud fax solutions integrate with existing eMARs, EMRs, and EHRs to manage a high volume of sensitive documents and urgent messages, so healthcare professionals can provide seniors with superior and timely care.  

Fax has evolved, but it’s not going away.  

Enterprise cloud fax solutions provided by InterFAX seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare software platforms, so staff experiences a painless transition from a traditional on-premise healthcare fax system to a secure, easier-to-use, web-based version. 

Online fax safeguards confidential data while simultaneously simplifying the process of sending and receiving faxes. InterFAX complies with HIPAA and PHIPA regulations to make transmitting sensitive documents as easy as sending an email. 

Benefits of enterprise cloud fax solutions: 

  • Decreased IT and maintenance needs by eliminating hardware 
  • Improved data access by integrating InterFAX with existing eMAR, EMR, and EHR systems 
  • Compliance with data privacy standards like HIPAA, PHIPA, and PCI DSS  
  • Worldwide data residency powered by in-country data storage centers  
  • Secured by TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more 

Enterprise cloud fax solutions safeguard secure information. 

Staff and seniors requiring wellness care, therapy, behavioral health care, and ongoing medical support rely on secure, HIPAA/PHIPA-compliant communications to update medical records and maintain sensitive residential documents. 

Thanks to the cloud, web-based enterprise fax has become the most trusted data transfer method in the healthcare industry.

Senior communities, wellness centers, and home health aides require extensive documentation that includes PHI and other confidential data to maintain records. With everything from medical information to lease agreements going in and out of senior care facilities, private nursing, behavioral healthcare services, rehab therapy centers, nursing homes, hospice services, specialty pharmacies, retirement communities, clinics for aging adults, and more every day, security is a top priority for staff, senior residents, and their families. 

InterFAX safety features: 

  • Destination fax numbers can be hidden for extra security. 
  • Sensitive fax data can be securely submitted to our servers. 
  • User authentication requires usernames and passwords. 
  • Sensitive messages are automatically removed from our servers upon delivery. 
  • Our servers provide a full audit trail of faxes sent and received. 
  • Only approved personnel have access to our secure servers. 

Wrap Up 

According to IBISWorld, there are over 19,000 retirement communities in the U.S. That is up 1.2% from 2022 and doesn’t account for elderly adults who live at home and require in-home care or patients who reside in temporary rehab clinics or full-time care facilities. Thanks to modern medicine and a rapidly aging population, estimations show more than 20% of the U.S. population will classify as senior citizens by 2050. InterFAX enterprise cloud fax solutions allow senior health and wellness professionals to safely transmit confidential information between caregivers, residents, primary care physicians, insurance companies, and next of kin, all from a user-friendly interface. 

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