AI Knowledge Management for Faster Troubleshooting

RightAnswers combines powerful AI search, Gen AI + knowledge management for the future of customer service 

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We help customers address their top KM challenges

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Impossible to find answers

Information is everywhere across the enterprise, but no one trusts it. Teams waste time hunting for incorrect answers. 

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Customers are tired of waiting

Extended resolution times, and endless case management. Teams guess how to troubleshoot, leading to mistakes.

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Skyrocketing Service Costs

Self-service channels are failing, and you’re paying for it. Low value, high volume tickets you can’t keep up with. 

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Frontline Frustrations  

Key dependencies on the best people in the business to solve problems, coach and create knowledge is too much pressure.  

Discover the power of Connected Knowledge

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The Right Answer for your knowledge management challenge

AI-driven, Future Ready 

Innovative AI roadmap designed to futureproof your ROI 

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Knowledge Experts  

Scalable, secure enterprise solution

Cost-effective Knowledge Management that keeps you connected

RightAnswers gives you the flexibility to connect all available knowledge sources and deliver relevant information to your customers, contact center agents, and across the enterprise.

We work with your existing applications, and then some. 

Upland RightAnswers’ many integrations make it easy for users to create, find, and share knowledge in the same place they perform their daily work. We call it connected knowledge.

CRM/ITSM integrations:

  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Cherwell
  • Genesys
  • NetSuite
  • BMC
  • Zendesk
  • Jira Software
  • Ivanti
  • And more…

Other tool integrations:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Confluence
  • Google
  • Jive
  • BeyondTrust
  • Chat tools
  • SAML
  • Authentication tools
  • And more…
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A reliable knowledge management system that delivers real results

  • Nestle UK

  • Paychex

Nestlé ensures employees have the technology required to effectively do their job

As in any organization, Nestle needed to balance this requirement with the cost of providing great support and chose to partner with RightAnswers by Upland.

The Road to Award-Winning KCS: A Case Study from Paychex

Paychex chose RightAnswers to implement a successful knowledge program using the KCS methodology to optimize call center activities.
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AI Guide for Contact Centers 

Unsure of where to start in AI or need a refresher on the basics? Download our AI Guide for Contact Centers today! 

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Delivering seamlessly connected knowledge management experiences

We empower customers by providing a comprehensive, AI-driven knowledge management solution that enhances user and customer experiences, fostering a culture of trust through seamless knowledge sharing. Join the movement shaping the next frontier in knowledge management.

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