High Tech

Your organization is constantly evolving. To provide consistent and effective customer service, your knowledge software must evolve with you as you launch new products and release new versions.

RightAnswers’ enterprise knowledge management platform is used effectively by dozens of high-tech companies to provide consistently superior customer experiences, even through times of major change.

High-tech companies appreciate RightAnswers for its:

  • Ease of use and intuitive interface with our cloud-based knowledge software
  • CRM and ITSM integration best practices developing the most effective knowledge creation tools for customer service and support
  • KCS® Verified V6 software that offers the most flexible creation of knowledge to satisfy customer issues
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution that displays current knowledge from the knowledge base and from other enterprise applications, networks, and drives

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™


In an industry where the product is measured in billable time, knowledge needs to be quickly and easily accessible to keep employees productive and customers happy. RightAnswers knowledge sharing platform helps law firms provide a higher level of service while reducing costs.

  • Solution Manager makes creating firm-specific knowledge easy, allowing you to provide your users information on everything from proprietary applications to directions to offices in other cities.
  • Multi-tenancy architecture allows custom views for different user groups
  • Allow agents to share solutions and quickly access them
  • Significantly reduce the number of calls to the support center
  • Provide analytics to optimize effectiveness and productivity
  • Solve problems before they reach the support center, including integrating web and mobile self-service, so staff can solve their own problems quickly

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Undertaking a knowledge initiative is critical not only to your business, but to the well-being of your customers, both internal and external. The increasing importance of improving the patient experience and legal aspects around meaningful use are driving the need to provide fast, reliable answers to patient and technical questions. Compounding these challenges in IT support and process management are the rampant consolidations in integrated delivery networks (IDNs), where disparate systems are used at different locations. RightAnswers’ CRM and ITSM integration includes many platforms commonly used in healthcare environments.

  • Federated search provides a centralized view of all your knowledge – wherever it resides across multiple locations and repositories
  • A separate knowledge base integrates with your enterprise systems (CRM, ITSM, etc.), so you can migrate it with your system and access knowledge from any application
  • Mobile self-service enables physicians and nurses to quickly find answers and get back to the floor (webinar)
  • Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Verified V6 software speeds knowledge creation and updates
  • Predefined templates such as decision trees simplify creation and management of knowledge articles and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Online help presents instant answers inside staff applications (such as the Epic or Cerner EMR) and inside patient websites, eliminating support calls
  • Pre-loaded knowledge provides more than 100,000 knowledge solutions covering IT support issues for more than 500 commonly used software applications. This provides quick answers on applications, devices and operating systems that your staff and patients are using

Business Process Outsourcing

Companies that use business process outsourcers (BPOs) expect them not only to improve their productivity and reduce their costs, but also to deliver best-in-class operations, end-to-end process metrics and better business outcomes, which requires sophisticated knowledge software like RightAnswers.

Our BPO clients cater to a wide range of industries and offer services that run the gamut, from payroll processing, human resources outsourcing and healthcare to financial, accounting and credit card services. RightAnswers offers products and services that fulfill the unique needs of BPOs:

  • Customizable templates – Our out-of-the-box templates are tailored to different types of solutions, such as decision trees, exception logs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), how-to solutions and more
  • Global changes – Our Bulk Editor lets you make changes across multiple SOPs
  • Support for any file format – All files (xlsx, docx, mp3, avi, flv, and on and on) are included in search results
  • Content blocks – Easily add predefined content such as regulatory language and confidentiality clauses across multiple SOPs, especially critical in financial services accounts
  • Secure cloud with multi-tenancy ensures that proprietary information remains secure and restricted to the client company only
  • Federated search that finds SOPs across multiple systems, offering a centralized view of all your knowledge
  • Extensive analytics including dashboards, more than 40 standard reports and an unlimited number of custom reports
  • Multilingual support serves the SOP needs of global organizations

Federal Government

To provide the highest levels of service, government departments should be prepared with knowledge solutions stored in a central repository, providing secure access to support agents, employees or citizens. RightAnswers can be accessed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for Government, which meets the strict government compliance standards.

While RightAnswers can be used as a stand-alone solution, the majority of our government agency clients integrate RightAnswers with their customer service (CRM) or IT service management (ITSM) system. Our intuitive authoring tool makes it easy for your team to create custom knowledge on a broad range of government-related categories including:

  • Change Management Systems
  • Cybersecurity Systems
  • Data Center Optimization and Big Data
  • Financial Management / Procurement Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Government Contract Management Systems
  • Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Records Management Information System (RMIS)

Higher Education

Due to RightAnswers’ knowledge software solutions specifically geared to higher education, more than 60 colleges and universities around the world use RightAnswers to manage their knowledge and provide support to students, faculty, and staff.

  • RightAnswers’ Web Self-Service provides an intuitive experience and successful search results, ensuring repeat usage and deflecting issues from the support agents (especially important during peak times of support, such as at the beginning of the semester).
  • FAQs and Favorites in both self-service and the Agent Portals speed the time to resolution and reduce training time for support agents by 60% on average.
  • Mobile self-service capabilities give students access to information wherever they are and whenever they need it.
  • RightAnswers provides 24×7 support via web self-service and mobile self-service portals.
  • Many of our college and university clients leverage the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks®, pre-packaged knowledge solutions on the hardware software applications used by students, faculty, and staff. Knowledge-Paks includes education-oriented titles such as Angel® Learning, Blackboard™, WebCT™, Jenzabar®, SCT Banner®, and apps widely used by students such as iTunes and various Mac® platforms.


Utilities companies serve tens of thousands of customers, and when a disruption occurs, the contact center and service desk are flooded with calls. RightAnswers meets the specific customer service and support needs of utilities companies, from planned outages that require mass onboarding of employees and field crews to unplanned outages due to weather or other events.

With RightAnswers, event-driven knowledge can trigger real-time alerts. It’s also possible to link specific knowledge articles to your systems and processes, empowering agents with real-time information and letting your organization contact customers proactively. RightAnswers’ knowledge sharing capabilities increase efficiency and productivity of the contact center and service desk, while lowering support costs:

  • Web and Mobile Self-Service empowers customers to self-resolve their incidents with 24×7 support
  • Mobile Self-Service provides customers with access from anywhere, even during power outages, and increases the efficiency of field technicians
  • RightAnswers cuts the number of calls to the support center, reducing costs
  • RightAnswers’ intuitive Agent Portal with effective intelligent search, FAQs and announcements, slashes agent training time and call handle time.

Banking & Financial

There are unique challenges faced by the financial and banking community:

  • Frequent changes in terms and regulations
  • Providing support for both staff and customers
  • Implementing the strictest security to keep customers safe

Banking and financial institutions use RightAnswers enterprise knowledge management software to deliver higher quality service while reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest level of security.

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