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Sharing Corporate Knowledge Transforms Productivity

Why the focus on knowledge? Because providing the right answers to the right person at the right time improves customer and employee satisfaction. RightAnswers knowledge base software is a vehicle for your knowledge journey, empowering you to scale cost-effectively and provide the best customer service every time, over all your channels. RightAnswers puts all your company’s knowledge at every employee’s fingertips, increasing productivity and performance across the organization.

Employees Empowered with RightAnswers Knowledge Based Software:

  • 80% more successful self-service searches
  • 37% fewer end-user education calls to the service desk
  • 89% end-user satisfaction

RightAnswers Knowledge Base Software: A Customer Contact Sport?

With RightAnswers software enabled with knowledge centered service methodology (KCS), your management, employees and customers create a knowledge base through an iterative process of knowledge creation and refinement. KCS is a methodology that integrates knowledge creation and maintenance into your operational processes.

The KCS processes are built into the technology platform and RightAnswers workflows. Knowledge centered services methodology is a collaborative process optimal for creativity and knowledge efficacy, but RightAnswers can go further with customer service gamification. This sets up a competitive environment where agents work hard to provide the best answer quickly. You can set up a reward system that makes the workday fun because peers and managers recognize agent performance on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.

For Self-Service IT Support

Increasingly, both companies and customers prefer a self service platform to answer service requests. Web and mobile self-service can be loaded with our Knowledge-Paks® library of technical support knowledge, targeted to self-service. Knowledge-Paks provide more than 90,000 accurate knowledge solutions to the most common issues your users have on more than 600 of the most widely used off-the-shelf software applications.

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For Empowering Contact Centers

RightAnswers knowledge base software supports clients with tens of thousands of customer service representatives, facilitating hundreds of millions of searches per year. Through our platform for knowledge sharing, we empower agents and knowledge authors to set up a scalable knowledge base specific to audience needs. Powerful search lets agents find exactly what they need, wherever it is stored.

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For Enterprise-Grade Support

RightAnswers implements the collaborative KCS process. With Enterprise Knowledge Hub, all departments can contribute to the centralized knowledge base, accessible by all channels. Our user-friendly Solution Manager guides article creation, including interactive knowledge and videos. Enterprise Search improves productivity by ranking relevant answers from all sources, indexed and displayed in a single view.

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RightAnswers is KCS® Verified V6

The Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS®) methodology offers proven practices for managing and creating knowledge in a customer service or support environment. RightAnswers is KCS Verified V6, the highest level of KCS implementation, and we train our clients on KCS best practices, getting them up and running in as little as 90 days.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation

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