Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) Edition

Get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time with proven KCS methodology

The Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) methodology presents a set of practices for managing and creating knowledge in a customer service or support environment. The aim of KCS is to ensure that you have the knowledge you need, when you need it, geared to the right audience.

When organizations follow KCS methodology guidelines, they:

  • Create usable knowledge quickly
  • Reuse knowledge frequently
  • Benefit from a knowledgebase that’s up-to-date

RightAnswers knowledge management software is Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Verified V6 –the highest level of KCS certification.

Committed to Knowledge-Centered Service

Our commitment to KCS goes beyond ensuring that our product supports the latest KCS best practices. We are a member of the Consortium for Service Innovation, and are participating in the committee working to define the evolving KCS guidelines. We are able to contribute from the experience we’ve gained by helping our more than 450 clients achieve long-term success with knowledge management and knowledge-centered support.

Knowledge-Centered Service processes built into RightAnswers

RightAnswers software has KCS methodology and processes built in, and our workflows conform to KCS guidelines. And as part of our Customer Success Program, we train our clients on KCS best practices so they get the greatest benefit from their knowledge.

You’ll find:

  • Role-based permissions conform to KCS guidelines
  • Configurable templates structure the knowledge so the most important information is included in the knowledge article
  • Search results include draft, federated and unstructured sources of knowledge, to provide the most relevant results and increase knowledge reuse
  • Knowledge is improved by easily adding comments or edits to solutions

You need the right technology to benefit from KCS

RightAnswers goes beyond the basic requirement of KCS verification to extend the KCS principles of collaboration and knowledge sharing in our flagship product, the Enterprise Knowledge Hub. We’ve developed additional capabilities that ensure your knowledge base is filled with the most comprehensive, useful knowledge, and that it’s kept current and easy to find.

Gamification Drives Usage

RightAnswers has built-in gamification that advances KCS practices. For example, you can reward and recognize:

  • Authors and agents – for the highest UFFA (Use It, Flag It, Fix It, Add It)
  • Support agents – to reuse and contribute to knowledge
  • Customers and employees – to increase the usage of your self-service portal

Be Confident in Your Knowledge

Our Knowledge Quality tool assesses your knowledge according to the KCS Article Quality Index (AQI). Points are totaled for compliance with KCS guidelines such as:

  • Content clarity
  • Correct hyperlinks
  • Proper metadata

Beyond conforming to KCS AQI, our Knowledge Quality tool automatically calculates article quality based on more than a dozen additional parameters, as well as custom parameters that you specify.

Get Up and Running Fast

Our phased approach eases the adoption of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) across your organization. In the first 90 days we:

  • Train and engage your teams on KCS workflows and best practices
  • Ensure high-value knowledge creation and usage
  • Implement governance to ensure ongoing success

After the initial rollout, KCS onboarding continues with ongoing coaching and performance assessment, and KCS certification.

Let RightAnswers guide you on your KCS knowledgebase journey

Since our software complies with KCS, it makes it easy for our clients to adopt KCS principles. As a result, 75% of our clients use KCS to varying degrees. Some clients adhere strictly to KCS guidelines, while others pick and choose the aspects of the methodology that works for them.

Learn from the KCS community

RightAnswers has established an active KCS community where our clients can learn from others who have overcome KCS challenges and/or have used KCS to enhance their customer service and support:

  • KCS virtual roundtables meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss KCS adoption and best practices. The roundtables are moderated by a RightAnswers Client Success Manager, and the client participants select the topics and determine the course of the discussions
  • KCS forum is an active group where people share successes and seek advice from their peers on KCS-related issues

KCS Workshops and Classes

Register for our KCS classes:

KCS Coach Development – A 2-day workshop that provides coaches with the skills needed to encourage, inspire and support change

KCS Practices V6 – Earn the highest level of KCS certification in this 3-day workshop

KCS Practices Overview – A 1-day workshop that explains what’s involved in KCS and what type of commitment it requires

KCS Leadership –A  1-day workshop that delves into KCS concepts and develops the skills needed to successfully lead a knowledge-centered organization

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation

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