RightAnswers AI and Machine Learning

While everyone is struggling to find the right seat at the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning table, RightAnswers is actively building upon the real-life successes it has had in the disciplines for years.


Learn from user behavior

Personalized content suggestions are available for every user and user type.  Query suggestions that are driven by past successes and your evolving knowledge base. Advanced search algorithms help identify the best knowledge for the user from one session to the next, automatically staying on trend with the latest most popular answers.


Learn from author behavior

Leverage the successes and failures of your knowledge to provide a more efficient and evolving authoring environment for your users.  Let the system suggest metadata, and collaborators based on what’s in your system alleviating guesswork and duplicated efforts.  Ramp up new team members quicker and easier by guiding them through the knowledge curation process.


Search Optimization

Not all content is the same, not all audiences are the same.  Tunable relevancy tools allow you to move the dials on search to make it work for your organization throughout the life of your content.

Advanced multi lingual Natural Language Processors work to find the best answer for every question.

Best Practice and self-learning linguistic libraries combine to weight searches from the first day the solution is enabled throughout your knowledge lifecycle.

Actionable Insights are available through Analytics and behavioral clustering analysis that help you understand what works and what doesn’t over time.  And more importantly what you can do to impact the future!


AI Enablement

Looking to bring your own AI tool to support omni-channel support options?  Leverage our API to power your Virtual Assistant and other AI initiatives with answers and conversational knowledge objects.