An Enterprise-Ready Software Platform for Knowledge Management

The RightAnswers platform is designed to meet the needs of enterprise knowledge customers, offering the tools and integrations necessary to manage knowledge for comprehensive organizations. RightAnswers’ platform was developed using the Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) methodology which integrates knowledge creation and maintenance into regular operational processes.

RightAnswers Knowledge Management Platform Features

RightAnswers Knowledge Software fulfills the knowledge needs of everyone in your organization – authors, agents, customers, and anyone who needs to find knowledge.

Agent Experience

Agent Portal – An intuitive interface that presents everything agents need to do their job. The agent dashboard streamlines the work by providing FAQs and Favorites, at-a-glance performance indicators and quick links to common tasks and items requiring action.

Inline Integration – RightAnswers has pre-built integrations with all of the major ITSM and CRM systems, and many of the others too. Save the agent time by presenting knowledge directly into the systems in which they are already working in.

Knowledge and Knowledge Workflow

Solution Manager – The easy-to-use yet powerful authoring tool provides templates for different audiences to ensure consistency, and supports multimedia solutions such as video.

Knowledge Federation – RightAnswers searches for knowledge across all your drives and networks, as well as in third-party products such as SharePoint, Confluence, or other systems where you have stored knowledge.

Intelligent Knowledge Builder – This patented technology keeps your knowledge base up-to-date by detecting knowledge base gaps based on unsuccessful searches, and prompting you to create knowledge to fill the gaps. 

Interactive Knowledge –  Decision trees, checkpoint solutions, and online forms with drop-down fields lead you to the knowledge you are looking for.

RightAnswers Video – Our video creation tool enables agents to record themselves, a product or on-screen activity, to solve problems better and provide more personalized interactions. Videos are stored in the knowledge base and delivered by agents or through web and mobile self-service.


Surveys – Built-in survey management to gauge knowledge usefulness and agent and user satisfaction.

Report Builder – Build and schedule custom reports.

Executive Dashboard and Analytics – Indicators on the effectiveness of your knowledge and how well it’s being used.

Customer Experience

Web Self-Service – Empowers customers and employees to self-resolve their own issues, getting them back to productivity faster and deflecting calls from your call center.

Mobile Self-Service – End-users can find the information they need, wherever they need it. This not only provides better service to your agents in the field, but it all frees agents from their desks.

Email Knowledge Response – This automated tool instantly replies to the sender with likely answers, based on the email subject line and body text, eliminating the need to open a case.

Search Assistant – Leads agents and users to the best search terms and taxonomies, speeding up the search and finding the most relevant responses.

Collaboration Tools

Social Communities – Forums for agents and end-users enhance the knowledge through crowdsourcing. Knowledge communicated through social channels can be added to the knowledge base as searchable solutions.

Social Feedback – Comments on solutions and indications of what’s useful enhance the knowledge and help find the best answers faster.

Gamification – Rewarding the behaviours you want to promote, such as agents using and maintaining knowledge, and self-service users searching and viewing information.

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Conversion and Maintenance – We convert and migrate your knowledge from any database.

Custom Knowledge Creation and Translation – Our knowledge developers use their expertise to author custom knowledge for your organization and also translate into over 22 languages.

Customer Success Program – Our Customer Success Program guarantees that our team of knowledge enthusiasts will be partnered with you throughout your entire engagement with RightAnswers to provide help with adoption and ongoing success.

Build a Centralized Knowledge Base

RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution is knowledge management software that allows all departments to contribute and retrieve knowledge when they need it. It offers:

  • Enterprise Knowledge Creation – our user-friendly Solution Manager guides knowledge authors in creating new knowledge articles, including interactive knowledge and videos.
  • Integration Framework – RightAnswers integrates seamlessly with all other systems in your environment.
  • Multichannel Access – a single source powering all your channels ensures the right answers are delivered every time.

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Create a Connected Community

RightAnswers Community encourages employees, customer service agents and customers to create and share knowledge—saving time and increasing engagement.

  • Reduce support costs by deflecting calls to the Community, allowing greater volume with the same number of support agents.
  • Customers answer each others’ questions and vote “Up” or “Down” on answers
  • As customers participate, they generate fresh content that you can add to your knowledge base for reuse.
  • Built-in gamification encourages interaction and rewards knowledge authors.

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Be Enterprise Ready From Day One

The RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution makes it accessible by every member of your organization to enable all departments to contribute to the centralized knowledge base and retrieve knowledge when they need it. And because RightAnswers seamlessly embeds into most CRM and ITSM systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and BMC, your support agents and other employees search for knowledge in the same interface they use for their daily work.

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Gain Comprehensive Business Intelligence

With more than 40 pre-built reports, RightAnswers offers critical analytics to measure the impact of your service and support. Dashboards provide a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators across your organization, offering insights into the health of your knowledge base and key information on usage, effectiveness, and adoption across your range of knowledge users.

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