An Enterprise-Ready Software Platform for Knowledge Management

The RightAnswers platform is designed to meet the needs of enterprise knowledge customers, offering the tools and integrations necessary to manage knowledge for comprehensive organizations. RightAnswers’ platform was developed using the Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) methodology which integrates knowledge creation and maintenance into regular operational processes.

Build a Centralized Knowledge Base

RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution is knowledge management software that allows all departments to contribute and retrieve knowledge when they need it. It offers:

  • Enterprise Knowledge Creation – our user-friendly Solution Manager guides knowledge authors in creating new knowledge articles, including interactive knowledge and videos.
  • Integration Framework – RightAnswers integrates seamlessly with all other systems in your environment.
  • Multichannel Access – a single source powering all your channels ensures the right answers are delivered every time.

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Create a Connected Community

RightAnswers Community encourages employees, customer service agents and customers to create and share knowledge—saving time and increasing engagement.

  • Reduce support costs by deflecting calls to the Community, allowing greater volume with the same number of support agents.
  • Customers answer each others’ questions and vote “Up” or “Down” on answers
  • As customers participate, they generate fresh content that you can add to your knowledge base for reuse.
  • Built-in gamification encourages interaction and rewards knowledge authors.

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Be Enterprise Ready From Day One

The RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution makes it accessible by every member of your organization to enable all departments to contribute to the centralized knowledge base and retrieve knowledge when they need it. And because RightAnswers seamlessly embeds into most CRM and ITSM systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and BMC, your support agents and other employees search for knowledge in the same interface they use for their daily work.

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Gain Comprehensive Business Intelligence

With more than 40 pre-built reports, RightAnswers offers critical analytics to measure the impact of your service and support. Dashboards provide a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators across your organization, offering insights into the health of your knowledge base and key information on usage, effectiveness, and adoption across your range of knowledge users.

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