Upland Analytics for RightAnswers

Knowledge Insights at your fingertips

Fully integrated into the RightAnswers experience, Upland Analytics is a purpose-built analytics solution for support organizations. Intuitive and easy to use, organizations can easily gather tangible insights into knowledge base performance. Interactive dashboards give teams real-time data visualization, helping to monitor trends, identify gaps and make strategic decisions – before they impact the bottom line.

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Knowledge Management Software with Built-in Analytics

Powered by the Upland Analytics reporting engine, Upland Analytics for RightAnswers is fast, secure and powerful, enabling real-time decision-making support with deep dive analysis for all your KM and knowledge base data.

Give your team the answers they need to start making data-driven decisions, from within their Knowledge Management (KM) environment.

  • Native to RightAnswers

    Real-time data visualization in your KM environment, drawing on data from RightAnswers or reporting on external data sources.

  • Unified View of Knowledge Data

    Create reports using any standard or custom RightAnswers field, as well as data from other third party connected systems, for consolidated reporting across your ecosystem.

  • Drill Down Capability

    Spot trends and gaps, then drill down to the core data for in-depth root cause analysis.

  • Automated Reports and Alert

    Get your organization on the same page with reports and alerts sent to the email inbox of key stakeholders.

  • Start From a Template, Or Build Your Own

    Leverage out-of-the-box purpose-built reports, or tailor them to your business with drag and drop report authoring, including fields and filters.

  • UplandOne Experience

    Leverage the Upland Analytics platform and experience a familiar work environment with a consistent User Experience/User Interface.

Key Dashboard Metrics

  • Adoption – includes number of searches and views
  • Effectiveness – did the knowledge solve the issues?
  • Utilization – the percentage of your solutions accessed and useful
  • Aging – freshness of the knowledge and reviews needed
  • KCS® – metrics on how many solutions were flagged and fixed
  • Loyalty – the number of repeat self-service users and visit frequency across various channels
  • ROI – metrics on tickets created/resolved and calls avoided to measure the cost of your service

Comprehensive Intelligence from Your Enterprise Customer Support Software

RightAnswers offers more than 40 standard reports that give you the metrics you need to manage your knowledge strategy. Discover what’s working for your customers and employees, and see where you can improve. Analyze factors such as:

  • Knowledge creation and maintenance statistics
  • Our software reports show the number of searches and views per search term
  • Average session length
  • Aging status view
  • Solution activity by month or by author
  • Who are the knowledge champions who can help you promote knowledge in your organization
  • Use It, Flag it, Fix It, Add It (UFFA) metrics – a best practice of the KCS® methodology

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

Know Your Knowledge Base

Our enterprise IT and customer support software dashboard reports provide a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators across your organization. They offer insights into the health of your knowledge base and provide information on knowledge base usage, effectiveness, and adoption across your range of knowledge users. RightAnswers provides four dashboards:

  • Executive dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Operations dashboard
  • Knowledge dashboard

Dashboards cover the activity in every aspect of your knowledge base, and are integrated with our intelligent search software. We deliver reporting on the progress of your:

  • Knowledge authors
  • Support agents
  • Customers
  • The entire organization

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